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Some of the best veggie caterers in the UK will be on hand to dazzle you with their culinary delights, including the famous Shambhu's, the awesome Curry House that is Aunty Jees, and the most excellent Vegout, plus our Chinese specialists Punzalan Trading and falafel and hummous experts Falafest . All the food is 100% plant based (vegan)



Diane and Pat have been running Vegout for many years and they have a wealth of experience that is so crucial to turning out immaculate vegan catering - and immaculate is their food indeed, a real treat for everyone whatever their current dietary status. Snacks and main dishes are available from Vegout throughout the day, and Vegout are also available all year round to provide for all your catering needs, including weddings, parties, seasonal events and barbecues, and come highly recommended for their friendly and efficient service as well as their stunning culinary creations. Luvvly Jubbly www.veg-out-sussex.com


 Veg Out



Shambhu's is run by the lovely Mahersh and Nishma, who have been welcome additions to many a vegan festival over the last few years. Their current highlight has to be their vegan cheesecake which is a quite beautiful creation and a must-have experience for all serious foodies visiting the show. This delightful couple also assist with the running of the Jain vegans group in the UK, and are most welcome at VegestUK Brighton. www.shambhus.co.uk   www.jainvegans.org


The Jain Vegans egroup has been set up to support members of the Jain community worldwide who wish to make the transition to a vegan (rather than vegetarian) lifestyle or those who'd like to learn more about the vegan lifestyle in a Jain context.  For more information about the Jain Vegans egroup, or to join it, please  visit the Jain Vegans egroup site: www.jainvegans.org
In addition, the Jain Vegans Working Group, a group of individuals passionate about informing the Jain community about the vegan lifestyle, was set up to organise awareness-raising events on various vegan-related themes, by conducting presentations and workshops, and running information stalls, for example.  The Jain Vegans Working Group can be contacted by emailing:  jvwg@jainvegans.org

Shambhus new


Aunty Jee's Curry House

Prepare to be indulged at one of the finest curry houses in the UK - the travelling phenomena that is Aunty Jee's. With a choice of several exotic spicey fully flavoured family recipes on offer, plus salad and rice, chutneys and pickles, and your taste buds will never quite be the same. And should you wish to recreate the whole expereince at home, you can buy the frozen versions fo Aunty Jees famous dishes. Top family, top curries, lovely vibe, can't go wrong....rumour has it that there will be 6 new curries available at the show to sample for almost the first time ever in the UK, so even more exciting....  www.auntyjees.com 





 Punzalan Trading

This Family outfit is ready to thrill our visitors with their original selection of traditional Chinese dishes with a vegan slant – you can find them on the first floor next door to Shambhu's, probably with a queue on their stall - bound to be popular, their menu includes


Stir Fried Rice Noodles and vegetables·         

Fried Vegetable Spring Roll (4 per portion)·         

Vegetable Chinese Dumplings (2 per portion)·         

Sweet and Sour Tofu with Vegetable and boiled rice·         

Fresh Vegetable Spring Roll with special sauce·         

Dips for spring rolls and dumplings

Soft Drinks (suitable for vegans)



Family outfit with the ever poplular falafel in pitta bread plus hummous, salad and other options including chilli sauce. Falafel are a suberb festival food hitting all the right spots and its quite easy to live of these for weeks. Freshly made in front of you, Falafest are on the first floor between Punzalan Trading and Shambhu's and we expect them to be pretty busy all day.  Falafest will aslo be at VegfestUK Bristol for three days at the end of May. Ideal vegan grub.

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