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VegfestUK Brighton is many things to many people but essentially it is  a food festival......the food is at the heart of the show...Expect the best - you will not be disappointed. Its a great opportunity to come and try a whole range of vegan food, much of it for free, and it's also an ideal opportunity to bring the kids and the family to try some new healthy options.


The show is full of the finest vegan produce, you are advised to come hungry to enjoy the show to its fullest


You can read about our EVENT CATERERS, including Vegout, Shambhu's, Punzalan Chinese, Falafest and Aunty Jees Curry House  here www.brighton.vegfest.co.uk/caterers


And you can also read about our FREE TASTERS, including the Fry's and Redwood ranges here www.brighton.vegfest.co.uk/free-tasters


Some of the other excellent fayre available includes vegan version of the legendary Spanish delicacy Churros y chocolate from the wonderful sounding Heavenly Churros as well as Churros Bros (stall 19).......some tasty looking new veggieburgers from Dee's on stall 61 including their Omega Burger as well as their Spicey Burger........the awesome Creole vegan bakery that is Global Fusion (20, 21).......a superb collection of vegan sweets from Goody Good Stuff on stalls 10 &11.......some wonderful baked creations from the Lilac Daisy Bakery (24)..........outstanding chocolate from Moo Free Chocolates (27 & 28)..........some raw chocolate on stall 117 from Raw Goodies......cup cakes galore from Sweetcheeks (34), Ms Cupcake (89 & 90), and THV Cakes (16)......heavenly cakes from The Heavenly Cake Company (88).......more raw chocolate from The Raw Chocolate Company on stall 105.....some new vegan meat substitutes from German firm Topas on stalls 82 & 83..........




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