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Live music, a contortionist, a play reading, more music and some films make up the entertainment at Brighton, compered by the wonderful Karin Ridgers from VeggieVision TV fame. All the entertainers are vegan, and include Rubber Ritchie (Contortionist), 'Beef' (a playreading), Luminous Frenzy (music), The Phoenix Rose (music), 'Making The Connection' (a new film from The Vegan Society),  and Ollie Barron with Stick in a Pot (music ) + a screening of a new film from the USA that focuses on animal rights activists called  Bold Native



11.20am   'Making The Connection' - a short film by The Vegan Society


12.00pm    Rubber Ritchie - Contortionist extraordinaire


12.15pm    Olliie Barron and Stick in a Pot - solo act with folk band to follow


1.00pm   Bold Native - a 1hour 45min feature film from the USA about animal rights activists


3.00pm  Luminous Frenzy - 5 piece rock band playing original material


4.00pm Rubber Ritchie - more escapades from our lovable flexi contortionist


4.15pm   'Beef' - a new play dealing with vegan issues, includes intro, a reading and audience feedback


5.15pm - Grand Raffle Draw - Ten super prizes to be had, tickets £1 from VegfestUK stall


5.30pm   The Phoenix Rose - 3 piece band with impeccable green credentials




Bold Native – a Full length feature film

Bold Native is a fiction feature film. Charlie Cranehill, an animal liberator wanted by the United States government for domestic terrorism, emerges from the underground to coordinate a nationwide action as his estranged CEO father tries to find him before the FBI does. The film simultaneously follows a young woman who works for an animal welfare organization fighting within the system to establish more humane treatment of farmed animals. From abolitionists to welfarists, Bold Native takes on the issue of modern animal use and exploitation from several angles within the context of a road movie adventure story. www.boldnative.com


Luminous Frenzy

Luminous Frenzy made their live debut on one of the main stages at the Big Chill festival in 2005. Formed by "Godlike guitarist" Frank Frenzy, and singer/DJ Luminous, Luminous Frenzy's classic electronica album 'Violence Ambience' was released in 2006. Joined by producer/guitarist Adam Thomas, their first single 'Three Cliffs Bay' followed in 2007 - launched with a sell-out gig at the Southbank Centre's Purcell Room. 
The band has since developed a heavier rock-driven sound with drummer Steve Hands (ex The Only Ones) and Andrew MacDonald on bass. They recently recorded three tracks with top Producer Paul Sampson (who produced Catatonia and scored a Top 3 US hit with the Primitives), and are currenty working on their second album. They have two new tracks out now on Freeport Records  - Momentary & Random Generator - available on itunes, Amazon etc"A beguiling new presence in British music. Reminiscent of DJ Shadow's down-tempo work, or maybe Portishead on anti-depressants". The Skinny paper
"One of the highlights of the year so far. Mesmerisingly David Lynchian". Tasty Fanzine




Rubber Ritchie - Contortionist

The incredibly flexible Mr Rubber Ritchie will be live at Brighton with two shows during the day, and if you have never seen him you are in for a treat - a proper job new age contortionist with a 21st century slant. Ritchie is vegan and practices yoga and attributes both these factors to his amazing bendiness which has to be seen to be believed. Like something out of Ripley's Believe it or Not! www.flexinthecity.com


Making The Connection

''Making the Connection" is a new film which invites you on a journey - together with a chef, a farmer, an MP, an athlete, a dietician, a poet - to explore an exciting lifestyle which combines delicious, healthy food with tackling many of the global challenges facing us today. Will you make the connection and become part of the solution? Launched on World Vegan Day 2010, Monday 1 November, "Making the Connection" is a 30 minute film produced by Environment Films . The DVD is freely available from The Vegan Society for media professionals and public showings. 'Making the Connection' is also online in eight chapters.  Media Contact: Amanda Baker -media@vegansociety.com  - Tel: (0121) 523 1737


Beef - a Play Reading

“Beef” (working title) is the new play by Brightonian playwright, performer and vegan Jonathan Brown.It follows butcher Albert, his vegan son Mark, and a host of grotesque and grace-filled characters, moving slowly, inevitably toward the abyss of realisation as to the consequences of their daily habits.It's Sunday lunch, and where the roast should be, there's a tofu wiener casserole!Mortified, Albert questions his wife Jean who put it there. Now, all are converging for lunch, including Hannah, (Alberts’s grand-daughter) farmer Pete, (father to Hannah's dreamy boyfriend, Andy), abattoir worker Dave, (and his set of large knives), and the spirits of some of animals that Dave, Pete and Albert have, between them, been instrumental in dispatching. All is set for a monumental clash of beliefs, values, knives,… and hearts.This rehearsed reading at Vegfest, of a large snippet of “Beef”, includes a pre-show talk by Jonathan Brown and a chance for the audience to feedback their impressions of this work-in-progress, contributing to the development of this play questioning the meat industry.mail@jonathan-brown.co.uk                           www.jonathan-brown.co.uk


Oliie Barron (musician)

Ollie Barron is bored.  Bored of TV anaesthetic and tired radio playlists.  Of identifying imposed authority over individual sovereignty.  Of ostensibly-absolute societal norms that remain only because nobody’s questioned them... yet.  What excites him – what really marinades his tofu – is making music that deals with commonly unquestioned core issues: like the speciesism against animal’s bodies; financial economies; outdated political ideologies – and for this he makes no apologies.  He’s played in rock bands but he’s now a one-man, acoustic guitar, singer-songwriter who wants to play out his message against the haterz and the traiters; stop it now, I can’t stand their brand of banned propaganda!  And he likes rhymes. www.myspace.com/oliverbarronmusic

Stick In A Pot  Stick In A Pot are peddlers of gently interwoven and twinkly soundscapes, and hawkers of a unique brand of wistful folk, tendering their wares wrapped in sweet harmonies and opulent lyrical imagery. The band is formed of songwriter Piers Blewett and guitarists Oliver Barron and Richard Joy. With the well received debut EP ‘When the Monsters Arrive’ behind them, Stick In A Pot have toured the country and are currently expanding their line up to more faithfully recreate the dynamics of the forthcoming album ‘A Number More Than Nothing At All’ due for release on Sad Sentry Records on 28/3/11.   www.myspace.com/stickinapot


The Phoenix Rose

Jarvis Smith is a musician, evangelist, entrepreneur, publisher and TV personality.  All of these talents culminate in a career that has focused on green living, a tenet best illustrated by The Phoenix Rose, which is Jarvis and collaborators Jim Evans-Jones (drums), Rob Tree (bass), Fingers (guitar), and Reet (vocals).  The band has signed the with the UK’s first and only green record company, Archangel Green, and the recording contract denotes guidelines about, performing only on 100% renewable stages, travel reduction and worst case, carbon-offsetting travel, green energy tariffs, and efficient CD production, and the use of enviro-friendly products for promo shoots and appearances.  Jarvis’ talent as a songwriter and his musicianship are used as powerful vehicles for his ‘green’ message; The Phoenix Rose has performed at Glastonbury, Isle of Wight, Sunrise and the Bristol Vegan Fayre, and played the main stage at the UK’s Greenest Festival, Waveform. Two years running in Trafalgar Square for London Peace Week. The band also impressed the star-studded audience including Sarah Brown and Annie Lennox at the GG2 Leadership and Diversity Awards, which champions and recognizes ethnic achievement.The Phoenix Rose’s music is a melodic blend of reggae, pop and rock, written to infuse the mind and soul with positive vigour and a feeling of unity, principles of Reiki of which Jarvis is a master.  The concept of energy transmission is a driving force; the belief that sharing knowledge, positivity and understanding is key in Jarvis’ music.Jarvis Smith wrote the new single, ‘Sick & Tired’, a call to people who want an end to dictatorships and manipulation, which are founding causes for the state of our planet.  Strong idea, but as Jarvis believes, music is the best way to spread powerful and determined messages in a peaceful manner.  ‘Sick & Tired’ is a catalyst to make people consider their world, and hopefully engages them to realise their own capability in insisting change. ‘Sick & Tired’ not only speaks of social change, but its actual production further demonstrates a new way of thinking – the producer of the track, Pete Hammond, PWL’s mixmaster, who has had no less than 11 No 1 hits in the UK alone, was informed by the band that he would have to switch to a green tariff before they could work together (his studio was ultimately powered by 100% renewable, green energy)!  In addition to his music career, Jarvis is the publisher of National Geographic Green, the UK’s largest ethical business & lifestyle magazine. Jarvis’ publishing experience is deep, having published a number of other ethical magazines, including a special green edition of At Home and the Mail on Sunday supplement, Make Your Money Go Further and Be Kind the Environment.   To further the promotion of environmental concerns, in 2008 Jarvis co-founded Real People Power with the Big Issue and to highlight the need for recycling, he lived on a landfill for Channel 4’s 2007 reality TV show, ‘Dumped.’

 ‘Sick & Tired’ will be released in Spring/Summer 2011. 


Luminous Frenzy

Luminous Frenzy



Rubber Ritchie

Rubber Ritchie

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