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Free Tasters

Check out the free tasters available at the show, including the following from FRY's and Redwoods Wholefoods


The Fry's range includes

Chicken style burgers, strips, and nuggets Golden Crumbled Schnitzel Traditional, and Braai style sausages Hotdogs, Burgers, and Spicy Burgers Polony, Mince, and Beef style strips Sausage Rolls, Cottage PieFrys Collection

You can sample the FRY's range for free at the show and you can buy the products to take away if you like them. which you will, no doubt, especially the Chicken Burgers which  get eaten at a phenomenal rate in the organisers office. Check out www.beanieshealthfoods.co.uk for more info about FRY's in the UK - Beanies are our sponsors too, so big 'em up up up!!!



The Redwoods range includes....


Health Etcetera Redwood Wholefoods Flax Farm Linseed# Provamel Kara Dairy Free