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Natural Balance

Natural Balance Foods make just about the best snack bars anywhere on the planet right now, with the truly scrumptious NAKD range of raw bars blowing right up big dog style with their latest creations to hit the streets, the already near legendary Cocoa Delight with its wingmen  the Cocoa Mint and the Berry Delight, joining the daddy of them all, the exquisite Cahsew Cookie, which has seen off all its rivals to dominate the global snack bar market in terms of texture, taste, pure pleasure and natural health, an elusive elixir sought by millions in this 21st century chaos of poor food, diet and lifestyle choices. The NAKD range especially (and their TREK range too, to be fair) completely hits the spot on all necessary levels and delivers hightclass nutrients with a taste to match, a marriage made in heaven. Very highly recommened by the VegfestUK team, that has been known to eat entire cases of bars at a time.

www.naturalbalancefoods.co.uk    www.eatnakd.com


Natural Balance Nak'd Bars

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