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Kara Dairy Free

Kara Dairy Free is a beautiful and nourishing coconut drink that has become immensely popular on the veggie/vegan circuits and beyond, as more and more people seek alternatives to dairy product. Kara Dairy Free is very low in fat (only 2%) and rich in calcium, as well as being cholestorol free, and is a fantastic healthy option for people of all dietary persuasions. Interestingly the Coconut is not a nut but is actually a fruit, making Kara Dairy Free a nut free product and therefore suitable for people with nut allergies, which is amazing. As with many vegan businesses, there is a very nice team behind KDF and we wish them all the best and welcome them on board as a growing part of the vegan community especially. www.karadairyfree.com



Provamel, the UK’s leader in organic soya products is available solely and exclusively through independent health food retailers and Holland and Barrett stores. The company offers a premium range of organic, vegetarian, dairy free, plant-based foods and drinks including alternatives to milks, desserts, custards and yogurts. Here’s their news….

We use the goodness of the whole soya bean to ensure you get the best of this nutrient rich bean which is a great source of protein, soluble fibre and vitamins.  As well as offering consumers a healthy choice, the Provamel organic soya range is also consistent with the values, beliefs and needs of the health food consumer. Sustainable development is at the root of all Provamel activities. We operate a total traceability system that guarantees our products are made from whole, non-GM soya beans and have over our 30 years, forged long-term relationships with our farmers, who we pay a premium for growing some of the best organic soya beans in the world.    


Redwood Wholefoods

Redwood WholefoodsRedwood Wholefoods are one of the biggest and well known vegan brands in the UK, now exporting over 50 products to around 30 countries. Now owned by Heather Mills, and with some of the Industry's most succesfull people on the management team, Redwoods continues to go from strength to strength, and with a string of accolades and awards in the trophy cabinet too. Superb innovative products like the Mozarella Meltin Cheezly and the Redwoods 1/4 pounder burger continue to dominate the vegan deli section in many health stores across the UK. Redwoods will be at VegfestUK Brighton in full effect and you can sample their awesome ranges for free at the show, as well as buy many of their products at discount rates. www.redwoodfoods.co.uk


Flax Farm Linseed

flax farm larger  

Flax Farm produces outstanding linseed (flax seed) products from flax crops that have been grown on the farm in West Sussex for more than 20 years. The quality reflects the care and integrity that are cornerstones of our philosophy of sustainability and care for the countryside. The cold-pressed, unrefined linseed oil and cold-milled linseed meal are delicious and packed full of Omega-3, essential nutrients and the right fibre for digestive health; ideal for vegans, or those on coeliac or diabetic diets. Everything is wheat-free.  Our famous Linseed Flaxjacks® are great-tasting, sustaining and low-GI. For info about using linseed to improve your health and lots of original, easy recipes for using linseed, including delicious foods suitable for vegan, low-fat, diabetic and coeliac diets go to www.flaxfarm.co.uk

Cold-pressed, unrefined linseed (also known as flax seed) oil is Nature’s richest source of Omega-3, the anti-inflammatory essential fatty acid that supports health, beauty and well-being throughout the whole body. Flax Farm’s Cold-pressed, unrefined linseed oil has an exceptionally sweet, mild  nutty flavour means you can a delicious get your omega-3 while enjoying the flavour in your food. Flax Farm freshly-ground linseed meal has been gently prepared from special varieties of linseed, it is pre-biotic and probably one of the most effective ways of creating a comfortable happy digestion. The linseed meal is also hormone balancing and an effective natural alternative to HRT. 


Vegan Emporium

Vegan EmporiumVegan Emporium is one of the world's first all vegan department stores. From chocolate and food to clothes and affordable shoes, they've got everything you could ask for in a store. They make sure each of their products are of a high quality and make sure they are priced as cheaply as possible so customers are never disappointed. Vegan Emporium also strive to be as ethical and environmental as possible, with a majority of  products being organic, fair trade or British made.


VegFestUK Brighton is Vegan Emporium's first festival - and they intend to make it one to remember with a wide range of free samples and an even wider range of brilliant vegan products. They look forward to seeing you there!





Health Etcetera

Health Etcetera LargeHealth Etcetera is the new raw vegan living foods residential detox centre in the UK modelled on the renowned Hippocrates Health Institute in Florida. They use green juices, (never sugar laden carrot juice!), wheatgrass and living foods to help you detox, lose weight or regain health. Set amidst acres of land, they offer yoga, Tai Chi, sound baths, breathing techniques, meditation and daily lectures all designed for you to learn how to improve your life style once you return home.



Bute Island

The outstanding Bute Island range of vegan cheese - known as Sheese - is widely available across the UK and makes both the most excellent alternative to the dairy stuff as well as holding its own as a fine food in its own right, with a variation of textures (hard and creamy) flavours (quite a few) and appearance. The Bute Island team are a truly wonderful group and just the people you'd like to be behind one of the UK's leading vegan cheeese producers, with an integrity and ethics to match their passion and love for this luscious range of dairy free cheeses. Available in all the top independent health stores across Brighton and beyond www.buteisland.com


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