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Big thanks to all our supporters for their support!! Especially large thanks are due to Will and all at Out Of Hand, Lisa and Pat and the Beanie's Bunch, Greg, Jamie and Natural Balance Foods, and all the Yaoh crew, plus all at Excellart, Veggie Vision, Activeg and Foods For Life. Thanks are due to all our previous supporters and sponsors, and especially Bute Island, Plamil, Redwood, Vitamix, Viva, The Vegan Society, Vegeco, Community, Infinity, Essential and Animal Aid, and many many more.....without all your support VegfestUK would never have been created.....


VegfestUK Brighton 2011 - Support Team


Supersize sponsors   JuiceBrighton, Moo Free Chocolates, Natural Balance, Beanie's, Yaoh, Out oF Hand  


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Supporters   Vegetarian Living Magazine


Friends    Hempish  Animal Aid  Sweetcheeks


WellWishers    Care For The Wild, Brackencraft, Super Smoocher,  Ms Cupcake   Earth Friendly Products   Raw Goodies  Atul Agro Trading


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Our SUPPORTERS.......VEGETARIAN LIVING MAGAZINE   the latest veggie lifestyle mag to hit the shelves, and a very good read it is too - well rounded editorial, attractive lay out and design, good features, imaginative style, and the opposite of dull, plenty of recipes and reveiws, all in all a lively publication and a very welcome addition to the growing world of vegetarian journalism, a sure sign of an idea whose time has come. Big thanks to the team behind Vegetarian Living for both their magazine and their support for VegfestUK www.vegetarianliving.co.uk


our FRIENDS.......HEMPISH  Hempish have a fabulous range of hemp clothing and accessories and have been a big part of the UK hemp scene for nearly a decade. Their range is available at the show and also online from www.hempish.com . Gail and Mike have been personal friends for years and so are fitting FRIENDS for VegfestUK Brighton...

ANIMAL AID need little introduction as one of the UK's leading animal campaigning groups, with a string of impressive high profile media campaigns and successes under their belts. Organisers of several large vegan events including the famous Xmas without Cruelty. Very very friendly, always, and very worthy of our FRIENDS title...thanks peeps! www.animalaid.co.uk

SWEETCHEEKS are one of the new kids on the block and a very welcome addition they are too, with a sumptious and most beautifully decorated collection of vegan cupcakes and other delights that are absolutely seductive and very attractive. Hand made and lavished with care and attention to produce some of the best vegan cupcakes yet. Contact Catherine on 07986556973.


Our WELLWISHERS........Care For The Wild    a charity that is caring for animals in the wild, campaigning on a global level, including adoption schemes and protecting tigers and badgers   www.careforthewild.com   ..........Brackencraft   exclusive range of affordable quality vegan cruelty free bodycare and bath items, with some fun flavours and smells, avavilable at the show on stall 30 and 31 info@bsoaps.com ....SuperSmoocher have a classic selection of brand new vegan lipbalms available and will be at the show on stall 91 - see their website www.supersmoocher.com ........Ms Cupcake are shortly opening their vegan retail bakery in London in the New Year, and you can find their beautiful cakes on stalls 89 and 90 at Brighton www.mscupcake.co.uk ...Earth Friendly Products have a wide variety of household cleaning products and accessories, and all of them are vegan, see stall 95  www.greenbrands.co.uk.... Raw Goodies are a Hove based team that specialise in quality raw chocolate with a smile, you can find them at the show on stall 117  www.rawgoodies.co.uk .....Atul Agro Trading, a new firm specialising in mango products, and on stall 75 www.itsonatural.co.uk

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