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The Talks and Demos room is on the ground floor, between the Council Chamber (entertainment) and the Main Hall (stalls).


12.00    Tony Wardle - Viva! - Saving the World with you Knife and Fork

1.00      Jamison Combs - How to Build a path to the Clean Green Future

2.00      Richie A Watson - High Raw for Whole Living

3.00      Animal Defenders International - Stop Circus Suffering Campaign

4.00      Kate Magic - Raw Magic

5.00      Sally Mittuch - Detoxing with Clay

6.00      Denis Henry Hennelly - writer-director of Bold Native - Live Skype Link up from Los Angeles, plus a link up with actress Tonya Kay


Tony Wardle - Saving the World With Your Knife and ForkAlmost every one of the world’s exploding environmental catastrophes has its roots on the dinner plate! Tony explores how grazing for meat and dairy animals and growing vast areas of soya and other animal feed are inexorably destroying planet Earth. And he offers the solution: change your diet – change the world! 

Tony Wardle is a journalist, writer and award-winning TV producer and helped to found Viva!. He is now its associate director and edits its magazine Viva!life.


How to build a path to The Clean, Green Future - Jamison Combs

Jamison Combs is the unorthodox founder of Natural Balance Foods, one of Britain’s most successful healthfood companies.   In 2005, fed up with processed food, he created NAKD bars, Europe’s first mainstream raw food brand. Today, NAKD is a leading healthy snack brand in the UK, regularly outselling established, multi-national giants.  Jamison is a recognized leader in the natural living movement and an outspoken advocate for enlightened entrepreneurism and social progress.


“Holisticat” Richie A. Watson – High Raw for Whole Living.

Richie is a much respected voice in the raw and holistic lifestyle movements. Having reversed his own long term debilitating health condition with a high-raw diet and “modern holistic lifestyle” he has since devoted his life to sharing his experience and knowledge around the world, helping people discover the healing and life transforming potential of raw whole foods and conscious whole living. Richie is Founder of Rising up! Lifestyle Revolutions and Head of the Holistic Future Network.


Animal Defenders International -  Stop Circus Suffering campaign

Based on a huge body of evidence gathered through undercover investigations and scientific research, Animal Defenders International’s Stop Circus Suffering campaign continues to gain momentum, and success, worldwide, playing an instrumental part in Bolivia becoming the first country in the world in 2009 to ban all animal acts in circuses and ensuring that similar bans are now before the parliaments of Peru and Colombia. Hear the latest campaign developments, how we are working with groups and governments across Europe, the US and South America and how we dramatically rescued lions, monkeys and other animals from Bolivia’s circuses following the ban. www.ad-international.org



Kate Magic - Raw Magic

Kate will talk about how changing your diet can create quantum shifts in your life. How detoxing and realigning with raw foods and superfoods can heal the body, mind and heart and enable us to be fully in touch with our own magical selves. Kate's wisdom comes from 20 years on the holistic health path, and raising a family of three boys on the diet. As well as being inspiring and uplifting, Kate shares practical common sense ideas on how to increase the raw foods in your diet and which are the best foods to include and the best to avoid. You will leave the class feeling not only is eating raw very exciting, it is also very easy!  www.rawliving.eu



Sally Mittuch - Detoxing with Clay.

Just like wild herbivores and primates, humans need to detoxify the body. Clay eating is the most universal and time honoured method and the first principle of detoxing. Clay brings both mineral nutrition to the body and eliminates toxins and modern day pollutants. Find out how clay removes heavy metals, radiation, solvents, petrochemical and plastic residues and how easy, effective and economical it is to use clay either internally or externally to keep the body in top condition.Sally Mittuch BA Hons (PGCE) draws on her educational background of archchaeology, anthropology and evolution to literally bring humans back to earth.


Interview with Dennis Hennelly, Casey Suchan and Tonya Kay from Bold Native

The filmmakers’ background in documentary informed the creative approach to Bold Native. Self-financed and shot with a four person team in real-world locations, sometimes using real activists, lawyers, and formerly imprisoned animal liberators, the film weaves an intricate tale of one of the most important issues facing the world morally and ecologically – the impact and consequences of industrialized animal use. And with a character who faces prosecution and potential lifetime imprisonment under the recently passed Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act for property crimes currently considered terrorism, the film also illuminates the danger of corporate interests influencing the law in a post-9/11 world.


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