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Cookery Classes

There will be a number of cookery demos over the weekend, all of them 100% vegan and covering a wide range of skills, expertise and culinary delights. Big thanks to all our experts for their contributions. The Cookery Demos area is hosted by celebrity vegan cookbook author Tony Bishop-Weston.


12.00    Tony Bishop Weston (Foods for Life) - Desserts and Puddings

1.00      Shane Jordan - Kids Cookery Class - Raw Coconut Island Cakes

2.00      Jane (Viva!) -  Making the Switch - easy Veganising

3.00      Tim Barford (Yaoh Hemp Products) - 'Hemp - 21st century superfood - hemp smoothie demo'

4.00      Mark Bader (Riverford organics) - Cooking from the Box


12.00     Captain James Tea Cook (resident pirate) - Kids Cookery Class - 5 a Day Rainbow Cheezy     cake

1.00      Shane Jordan - Cookery Demo - Raw Sunny Curry with Herbal Rice

2.00      John Bayley (Cashew Catering) 

3.00      Tim Barford (Yaoh hemp Products) - 'Hemp - 21st Century Superfood - Hemp smoothie demo'

4.00      Janice Weir (Food Truly) - Tropical Heaven


Tony Bishop-Weston (AKA Captain James Tea Cook) 
Cook, Author, Tweeter and Food Writer

Tony Bishop-Weston won numerous awards whilst at the legendary Taigh Na Mara Vegan Guest House in the Highlands of Scotland. He has written a number of cookbooks including 'Rainbows and Wellies',  'Vegan' and 'The Complete Book of Vegan Cooking' with his wife, leading UK Nutritionist Yvonne Bishop-Weston. One of Tony's roles is at Foods For Life helping with new product development and amongst other things helped to bring us the world's healthiest chocolate and V-Pure - a vegetarian omega 3 EPA and DHA supplement. In 2011 Tony and Yvonne founded Plantarian and One World Day to focus on getting new people to take the first steps on a pathway to a healthier more sustainable lifestyle. Tony is helping to produce an English version of the bestselling Dutch cookbook 'Non-Fish-A-Licious" by Dos Winkel's Sea First Foundation who helped produce the eye opening movie Sea The Truth. You are urged to watch this if you haven't already.



Jane Easton, Food & Cookery Coordinator for Viva! and the VVF. 
Making the Switch – Easy Veganising
Jane teaches, demos, cooks and writes about vegan food both as part of her job and outside it. Her passion is to make vegan food more accessible and mainstream – and to get rid of the notion of ‘giving up’, preferably involving lots of cake. 
Jane will be cooking...

Tofu Frittata with Curly Kale
Artichoke, Butterbean & Filo Pie with Sundried Tomatoes and Olives
Tiramisu Bread Pudding  
Granny's Big Lemon Sponge Cake

Tim Barford (Yaoh Hemp Products)

Tim has been living on a plant based lifestyle for the best part of 30 years - and hemp is the mainstay of his diet. In his demos he shows how to whip up several hemp smoothies packed full of nutrients and tasting absolutley fabulous. Tim also explains the basics of hemp nutrition and why this amazing seed is truly the superfood of the century. Expect a lot of fun, loads of info in an informal and easy fashion, and some most excellent smoothies to sample,  and take away the recipe to recreate at home! sorted. www.yaoh.co.uk




Shane Jordan
Shane Jordan is a veggie Chef and a health practitioner from Bristol.  He has gained a reputation for cooking delicious rustic foods and create interesting nutritious dishes. He has cooked for footstalls, events, community kitchens and in professional cafes in and around. He is always looking to try new recipes and enhance the taste experience by creating tasty simplistic dishes.  His trademark dishes being Vegan Jamaican Patties, Curried Pancakes, (Veggie) Chicken Chinese Sahara Balls and his Red Romance Cake.


John Bayley  (Cashew Catering) Raw Chocolate Workshop

Join John for an informal and hands on session going over a basic history of chocolate and then how we can make simple and delicious raw chocolate at home for ourselves. Participation not essential but advised!!  www.cashewcatering.co.uk



Mark Bader - Riverford Organics cook – Cooking From The Box
Mark Bader a freelance food photographer, cook, writer and food blogger is a member of the ever growing band of Riverford organic cooks: a scheme set up to inspire and encourage organic veg box customers to try some fresh ideas and recipes.

Mark, a regular guest on TV's Market Kitchen, will be demonstrating some simple seasonal vegetarian recipes and offering tips on how to cook from and get the best out of a Riverford weekly organic vegetable box.  www.markbader.com


Janice Weir (Food Truly)  Tropical Heaven

Foodtruly (www.foodtruly.com) are caribbean caterers, couture cake and bread makers for Vegan and Vegetarians and those with food allergies and NO allergies.  We will provide some amazing and mouthwatering variations from around the caribbean using caribbean ingredients and fresh produce from around the UK including nutritious SPELT.  Our Demo will include something fruity and refreshing from our Catering School www.caribbeancateringschool.com.