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Hot off the press: Brighton VegfestUK 2012 programme now live!

That's right – for the past few weeks we've been slaving away over a hot computer to produce the 2012 VegfestUK Brighton programme and we are pleased to say that it is now complete and published, as of February 21st! The programme is the ultimate guide to the Brighton festival weekend – containing all stall information, full entertainment listings, talk and presentation schedules, cookery demo information and the low down on our fantastic new 2012 features; Ready Steady Chef and the Great Veggie Burger and Sausage Competition! The programme will be available for FREE on the weekend and also across Brighton and its surrounding areas in the weeks beforehand, but for all you eager-beavers, you can view it right now by clicking HERE! And of course, none of this would be possible without the support of our fabulous sponsors; Redwood, Kinetic, Nakd, Beanies, Goodlife and Yaoh – all of which you can see some shiny adverts for and read up on in our programme! Get cracking – we'd love to know what you think of it!




Putting on a show – VegfestUK knows how!

As you'll know from years gone by, we certainly know how to put on a show (they don't call us Europe's biggest for nothing!) and this year is no exception! We've got music from the likes of Kelly Kemp and Lonely Tourist, theatre from Something Underground Theatre Company and Jonathan Brown and films from Vegucated and The Vegan Society. And it doesn't stop there! Also expect to see walkabout close-up magic from Andy Russell and vegan face painting from Metala! To view our full schedule of entertainment, take a look at our Entertainment page here...



Are you a Ready Steady Chef in the making?

Let's put it this way: our Ready Steady Chef feature is going to be huge. And what we want to know is this: who out there wants to be a part of the biggest cook off the South East has ever seen? (well... the biggest vegan cook off at least!) We've already enlisted some of Brighton's finest chefs to take part in this fabulous contest but we're still looking for more contestants! We'll be hosting both Masters and Juniors Ready Steady Chef competitions across the Brighton weekend; Masters is for established local chefs (both omnivore and veggie) and Juniors is for local young people aged between 11 – 18. Each contest will contain a series of 30 minute rounds where two chefs will go head to head to produce the best plant-based meal. There will be prizes for all who enter, free publicity and more for the Masters and a big £100 prize for the Juniors winner. So if you have a passion for cooking and fancy yourself a dab-hand at vegan cuisine, give us an email on info@vegfest.co.uk stating which competition you're interested in and a little about yourself. But hurry – spaces left are limited!



Talks and demos lineup now complete!

Last month we gave you a taste of things to come and told you about just a few of the talks, cookery demonstrations and product presentations that are due to take place at Brighton VegfestUK 2012. We are pleased to announce that a full lineup has now been announced, and boy, is it gonna be a busy weekend. To add to the talks and demos mentioned last month from people such as Pat Reeves, Tim Barford, Tony Wardle and Gina Shaw, sink your teeth into the stuff below. Finding it hard to pick which to attend? So are we... 


TALK: Michelle Thew - BUAV - Ending Animal Testing Worldwide (Saturday, 4pm)

Michelle Thew is Chief Executive of the BUAV – the world’s leading organisation campaigning against animal experiments. For over 15 years Michelle has championed the cause of animals in laboratories, speaking on their behalf in the UK and EU Parliaments, and taking the message to media, regulators and industry representatives around the world. www.buav.org


TALK: Nancy Silverstone - The Really Healthy Company - Protein & B12 on a vegan diet (Saturday, 5pm)

Nancy Silverstone from The Really Healthy Company, looks at sources of protein and B12 on a vegan diet. Many people feel they don’t get enough protein on a vegan diet, and vitamin is a rare occurrence in plant based foods. Nancy looks at potential plant based sources in these two areas. www.healthy.co.uk


COOKERY DEMO: Mark Bader - Riverford Organics Cook – Cooking From The Box (Saturday, 4pm)

Mark Bader is a freelance food photographer, cook, writer and food blogger and a member of the ever growing band of Riverford organic cooks. He will be offering tips on how to cook from and get the best out of a Riverford weekly organic vegetable box. www.markbader.com


COOKERY DEMO: John Bayley (Cashew Catering) - Raw Chocolate Workshop (Sunday, 2pm)

Raw Chocolate Workshop - join John for an informal and hands on session going over a basic history of chocolate and then how we can make simple and delicious raw chocolate at home for ourselves. Participation not essential but advised!! www.cashewcatering.co.uk


COOKERY DEMO: Janice Weir (Food Truly) – Tropical Heaven (Sunday, 4pm)

Janice Weir (Food Truly) - Tropical Heaven Food Truly (www.foodtruly.com) are Caribbean caterers and couture cake and bread makers, and here they provide some amazing and mouth-watering variations from around the Caribbean using original Caribbean ingredients as well fresh produce from around the UK including nutritious SPELT. The Food Truly demo ‘Tropical Heaven’ will include something fruity and refreshing from their Catering School. www.caribbeancateringschool.com



We have 14 product / project presentations in total. To add to the 7 mentioned last month, here are the other 7 companies presenting themselves across the weekend... 


The Really Healthy Company
Sea Shepherd
The Vegan Society



Have your say and get voting!

The infamous VegfestUK awards are back! Loads of you have come forward with names of who you'd like to see in the awards this year. But if you haven't yet done so, there isn't much time left - nominations close on Friday 2nd March. If you want to put someone forward, email us on info@vegfest.co.uk. Voting starts on March 12th – you can view all nominations from March 7th here: www.brighton.vegfest.co.uk/nominations and start voting from the 12th here: www.bristol.vegfest.co.uk/awards


Celebrity appearance at Bristol VegfestUK 2012

We're very excited to say that Richard Fox, the celebrity chef, broadcaster and writer and founder of 'Love Food Hate Waste' will be appearing at VegfestUK Bristol 2012! He is known as 'The Beer Chef' and along with his friend Neil Morrissey has developed a range of beers named 'Morrissey Fox'. He will be doing cookery demos at Bristol on both Friday 25th and Saturday 26th May and will also be one of the judges for our fantastic Junior Ready Steady Chef competition. Other cookery demos taking place at Bristol will come from Sweetcheeks founder Catherine Rose, Foods For Life chef Tony Bishop-Weston and Janis Weir from Food Truly. To find out more about Richard Fox and 'Love Food Hate Waste', visit www.lovefoodhatewaste.com.