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Product Presentations

There will be a number of product and project presentations during the weekend from our stallholders, held in the Talks room.  Each one inlcudes a 20 minute presentation about some of the latest products on the market, and often include some free samples and tasters. Also covers some of the latest projects in the veggie world, inclduing the latest campaigns. Find out more about your fave products and projects here!


Captive Animals' Protection Society – The Captive Animals’ Protection Society (CAPS) is a UK-based charity leading the campaign to end the use of animals in entertainment. Through a combination of investigations, research, campaigns, political lobbying and education, CAPS aims to stop the exploitation of animals in entertainment. We will be giving a talk to update on our two major campaigns, zoos and circuses. www.captiveanimals.org



Dee's 'Eat Well, Be Happy' - Launched in 2008, Dee’s Wholefoods is an outstanding range of super-delicious meal & snack options. Wholefood burgers loaded with health benefits; created with nutritious ancient grains, beans and ‘superfood’ seeds. Plus, Dee’s new range of ‘Real Meals’ – inspired flavour combinations, protein-rich, high in fibre & packed with fresh vegetables. www.dees.ie



Dogs Mountain – John Hughes is a self-taught artist and veggie living in Brighton. He adopted a rescue dog, Woody, which lead him to buy a mountain in the Philippines in 2006 where he started a desperately needed sanctuary for rescue dogs from the dog meat trade. See his presentation for info on Dogs Mountain and his art book. www.watercolourpencils.org www.dogsmountain.com



Goodlife - Learn more about Create a Goodlife, from the history of where they began to their exciting plans for 2012 and how you can get involved! It’s your chance to have your say and meet the Goodlife team or ask questions. Plus, free gift for the first 50 people! We can’t wait to meet you! www.createagoodlife.co.uk



Kinetic - Kinetic will be hosting a talk about the benefit of incorporating Superfoods and Greens in to a vegetarian diet, highlighting products in their Nutiva and Amazing Grass ranges as well as sharing handy tips on how to incorporate these in to your diet. They will be offering 50% off Nutiva Coconut Oil to all attendees of the talk. www.kinetic4health.co.uk



Nakd Wholefoods - Viva la Revolution! The Big Picture: Wholefoods, Holistic Awakening and Heroes of the Future. Thought-provoking, inspirational conversation about social progress and the transformational role of the modern vegetarian community. Led by entrepreneur and activist Jamie Combs (pictured), creator of Nakd bars and Founder of Natural Balance Foods and The Holistic Future Network. www.eatnakd.com



Raw Skin Food – Raw Skin Food is a UK-based cosmetics company specializing in the development & production of 8 Common Food Allergen Free Natural, Vegan skincare products. This discussion will be on the importance of natural ingredients within skincare and how your diet plays a part in combating skin ailments. Goody bags will be available for attendees. www.rawskinfood.co.uk



Really Healthy Company - THE OLDEST (3 BILLION YEARS) & MOST NUTRIENT DENSE SUPERFOOD ON THE PLANET. Klamath Blue Green Algae (AFA) is wild, 100% Organic, rich with absorbable nutrients, protein, amino acids & B12. Early civilizations ate AFA for added protein. As science faces problems of global hunger, research intensifies on AFA’s effects on health, brain function & depression. It has the most powerful antioxidants in nature. www.healthy.co.uk



Sea Shepherd – Come to the Sea Shepherd presentation to hear about: Antarctica update, Summer 2012 Campaigns and New Sea Shepherd Teams! Facts and figures from Divine Wind campaign - another successful season saving whales! Campaigns for 2012. Our new Sea Shepherd Teams – how to get onto a team and make a real difference for the oceans. www.seashepherd.org



Shac - Pressurising HLS and the vivisection industry - The SHAC campaign. A history and update on the ground-breaking campaign dedicated to closing down Europe's largest animal testing facility. What has SHAC achieved? Why has SHAC been so successful? What are SHAC's current targets? How can I get involved? www.shac.net



Topas – Inspired by seitan and tofu, the Wheaty product line was created by Topas. 'Meat without Meat'. We produce vegan meat analogues based on organic wheat protein. Come and see our vegan doner kebab, barbecue sausages, steaks and a whole host of other products with an incredible meat-like texture. www.wheaty.de



The Vegan Society - Supporting older vegans: The Vegan Society’s Advocacy Officer, Rebecca Henderson, introduces their new plans to improve the lives of older vegans. Come along to find out more about this area of their work and how you can help. www.vegansociety.com



Yaoh - Tim Barford from Yaoh hemp products introduces their range of hemp bodycare and food, explaining why Yaoh bodycare is so good for you skin, and looking at some of the nutritional benefits from consuming hemp seeds, oil and protein powder. Visitors to the Yaoh hemp products presentation at 12.00 midday on Sunday get a free Yaoh lipbalm. www.yaoh.co.uk