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Floor Plan

Stalls          Saturday                                          Sunday

1                Vegfam Tombola                              Vegfam Tombola

1A             Yaoh Hemp Products                        Yaoh hemp Products

2                VegfestUK GoodyBags                     VegfestUK GoodyBags

3                VeggieVision                                     VeggieVision

4                GoodLife                                            GoodLife

5                GoodLife                                            GoodLife

6                GoodLife                                            GoodLife

7                Care For The Wild International         Care For The Wild International 

8                Albion in the Community                    Brighton Cakeaway


10              Vegusto UK                                       Vegusto UK

11              Green Mobile                                    Green Mobile

12              Hempish                                            Hempish

13              Hempish                                            Hempish

14              BUAV                                                BUAV

15              BUAV                                                BUAV

16              BUAV                                                BUAV

17              Kara Dairy Free                                 Kara Dairy Free

18              Kara Dairy Free                                 Kara Dairy Free

19              Vegan Organic Network                    Vegan Organic Network

20              Natural Spa Supplies                        Natural Spa Supplies

21              Sedlescombe Vineyard                     Sedlescombe Vineyard


23              Severn Cider                                     Severn Cider

24             College of Naturopathic Medicine       College of Naturopathic Medicine

25             Hugletts Wood                                    Hugletts Wood

26             Hugletts Wood                                    Hugletts Wood

27             Flax Farm                                           Flax Farm

28             inSpiral Visionary Products               inSpiral Visionary Products

29             I Am Natural                                       I Am Natural

30            Vervet Monkey Foundation                 Vervet Monkey Foundation

31             The Really Healthy Company            Cupcake Britain

32             Vegan Runners                                  Vegan Runners

33             Natural Options                                  Natural Options

34             James White Drinks                           James White Drinks

34A           Flavour Magic                                    Flavour Magic

35             VegOut                                               VegOut

36             VegOut                                               VegOut

37             Aunty Jees Curry House                    Aunty Jees Curry House

38             Aunty Jees Curry House                    Aunty Jees Curry House

38A          Fashion-Conscience                           Fashion Conscience

39A          CressUK                                              CressUK                                      

39             Sweetcheeks                                      Sweetcheeks

40             Nakd Wholefoods                               Nakd Wholefoods  

41             Nakd Wholefoods                               Nakd Wholefoods

42             Brighton Superfood Company            Brighton Superfood Company

43             One World Day 1st Nov                       One World Day 1st Nov

43A           Dees Burgers                                      Dees Burgers

44              Beanies                                              Beanies

45              Beanies                                              Beanies

46              Beanies                                              Beanies

47              Kinetic                                                 Kinetic 

48              Kinetic                                                 Kinetic

49              Kinetic                                                 Kinetic

50              Redwood Wholefoods                        Redwood Wholfoods

51              Redwood Wholefoods                        Redwood Wholefoods

52              Redwood Wholefoods                        Redwood Wholefoods 

53              Titbits Catering                                   Titbits Catering

53A            Cummin Up                                         Cummin Up

54              Chipstix                                               Chipstix

55              Something Fishy                                 Something Fishy

56              K & F Catering                                    K & F Catering

56A            K & F Catering                                    K & F Catering

57A            Vel - Brands                                        Vel - Brands

57              Amy's Kitchen                                     Amy's Kitchen

58              Amy's Kitchen                                     Amy's Kitchen

59              Amy's Kitchen                                     Amy's Kitchen

60              Hunt Saboteurs Association               Hunt Saboteurs Association

61              Hope Street                                         Hope Street

62              Riverford Organics                              Riverford Organcs

63              Riverford Organics                              Riverford Organics

64              Health Plus Veganicity                        Health Plus Veganicity

65              Good Hemp                                         Good Hemp

66              Good Hemp                                         Good Hemp                       

67              Animal Aid                                           Animal Aid

68              Animal Aid                                           Animal Aid

69              APA                                                     APA

70              Wild Futures                                        Wild Futures

71              Animal Equality                                   Animal Equality

72              Lilli Chilli                                               Establish Life

73              Supreme Master Ching Hai                 Supreme master Ching Hai

74              Juliana's Vegan Bakery                       Caramba!

75              International Animal Rescue                International Animal Rescue

76              The Vegan Society                              The Vegan Society

77              Organic Burst                                       Organic Burst

78              Bessant And Drury                               Bessant and Drury

79              Sea Shepherd                                      Sea Shepherd

80              Marap                                                   Marap

81              Topas                                                   Topas

82              Topas                                                   Topas

83              Topas                                                   Topas


85              Jinga Shoes                                          Jinga Shoes


87              SHAC                                                  SHAC

88A           Seal Protection Action Group               Seal Protection Action Group

88              Moo Free                                             Moo Free

89              The Heavenly Cake Company             The Heavenly Cake Company

90              incognito                                              incognito

91              New Internationalist                             New Internationalist

92              Excellart                                               Excellart

93              Network For Animals                           Network For Animals

94              Giftys Kitchen                                      Giftys Kitchen                               

95              Elizabeth Santer Creative Catering      

96              Sussex Action for Animals                    Ms Cupcake

97              Viva!                                                      Ms Cupcake

98              Premae Skincare                                  Premae Skincare

99              CAFT                                                     CAFT

100            CAPS                                                     CAPS

101            The Cowley Club                                   The Cowley Club

102            The Black Fish                                       The Black Fish

103            Dogs Mountain                                       Dogs Mountain

104            VivaPure                                                Vegan Hair 

105            Plamil                                                     Plamil

106            Plamil                                                     Plamil

107            Cultured Probiotics                                Cultured Probiotics

108            Chancham                                             Chancham

109              Lush Retail Ltd                                    Lush Retail Ltd

110              Lush Retail Ltd                                    Lush Retail Ltd

111              Sussex Wildlife Trust                          Sussex Wildlife Trust

112              RaDree Accessories                           True Health

113              RSPB                                                  RSPB

114              Vegetarian Living                                Vegetarian Living

115              Friends of the Animals                        Friends of the Animals

116              Cristina Menicocci                               Cristina Menicocci

117              F.R.I.E.N.D                                          F.R.I.E.N.D

118              Living Naturally                                    Living Naturally

119              The Buddha Beauty Company            The Buddha Beauty Company

120              Goody Good Stuff                                Goody Good Stuff

121              Raw Skin Food                                    Raw Skin Food

122              Pulsin'                                                  Pulsin'

123              Athene Skincare                                  Athene Skincare

124              Farmaround                                         Farmaround

125              League Against Cruel Sports              League Against Cruel Sports 

126              New Approaches To Cancer               New Approaches To Cancer

127              Greek Animal Welfare Fund                Greek Animal Welfare Fund

128              Life without Palm Oil                            Life without Palm Oil

First floor Annex


130               Live Blood Europe



Lower Ground Floor