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Big thanks to all our supporters, whose assistance helps keep the show free to the public.

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Show Supporters

Kara Dairy Free

Kara Dairy Free is one of the best vegan milk alternatives on the market. An exquisite blend of coconut making this a very tasty drink it its own right, with considerable health properties too, such is the nature of pure coconut. The milk can be used on cereal and as a drink and in a variety of recipes that call for milk, and of course brings a distinct flavour to any recipe. Low in fat (only 2%) and rich in calcium, as well as being cholestorol free this is a fantastic healthy option for people of all dietary persuasions. Additionally, the coconut is not a nut but is actually a fruit, making Kara Dairy Free a nut free product and therefore suitable for people with nut allergies, which is amazing. As with many vegan businesses, there's a very nice team of people behind Kara Dairy Free and we wish them all the best and welcome them on board as a growing part of the vegan community. www.karadairyfree.com

Bute Island

Bute Island are the proud creators of the Sheese brand of vegan cheeses, making all their products at their custom built factory on the beautiful Isle of Bute in Scotland and shipping them to the four corners of the universe. A variety of textures and flavours makes the Sheese range a must have product for many vegan households, and being dairy free is of course an excellent choice for those who are lactose intolerant too. Available through independent health food shops across the UK, the Sheese range will also be available at Brighton for tasting sessions (although sadly the Bute Island team will not be on hand with a stall). VegfestUK extends a warm and heartfelt gratitude to the Bute Island team for their continued and wholehearted support for our events. www.buteisland.com

Amy's Kitchen

Amy's Kitchen is a family firm with a broad range of vegetarian and vegan foods that are healthy, tasty, nutritious and mostly ready to eat - and easily available too, from most supermarkets and independents, making them the ideal choice for people who haven't always got time (or the ability) to put together such excellent meals. A wide selection of tinned soups (nearly all vegan) is particularly welcoming as well as a huge range of burgers, pies, Indian meals, pizzas, desserts, burritos and a whole lot more. Big thanks for their support. Most of their vegan products will be available on their stall at Brighton for sampling. www.amyskitchen.co.uk


Animal Aid

One of the biggest, most succesful and longest running pressure groups in the UK, Animal Aid have consistently achieved on a number of levels through a combination of education, undercover reporting, direct action and high profile campaigns to end suffering to animals on all levels, whilst still remaining the friendliest and most approachable of all the veggie pressure groups. Their shop is very well stocked and contains hunders of items, all vegan, and is well worth a visit. You can also join Animal Aid and receive their excellent publication, 'Outrage' for not a lot of money. See www.animalaid.org.uk for details.

Roots of Compassion 

In our shop at "http://www.rootsofcompassion.org" you can find vegan shoes, shirts, belts, food, stickers and a lot more. Do you love clothes with a message? Are you searching for literature about veganism and animal rights? Do you want vegan chocolate? And do you prefer organic and fair trade products? Then take a look at our online store: www.rootsofcompassion.org. We ship worldwide! Roots of Compassion is a collective of vegan emancipatory-oriented activists critical of any form of authority. Our aim is to spread the ideas of animal rights, animal liberation and veganism as well as of criticism of society and capitalism.

Sweetcheeks Ltd – Vegan Cupcakes

Sweetcheeks is the answer for a Coeliac or a Vegan’s sweet tooth!Sweetcheeks products are healthier than traditional baked goods and thanks to our unique recipe, they taste just as good. You can serve our cupcakes at every event, party and gathering safe in the knowledge that everyone can eat and enjoy them. We make delicious, beautiful and moist cupcakes and baked goodies for anyone, regardless of dietary requirements. We offer bespoke designs and can cater to any demands. We also provide cake decorating parties. Please contact us for details. Email sweetcheeksltd@hotmail.com   www.sweetcheeksltd.co.uk

Flax Farm Linseed

Flax Farm produces outstanding linseed (flax seed) products from flax crops that have been grown on the farm in West Sussex for more than 20 years. The quality reflects the care and integrity that are cornerstones of our philosophy of sustainability and care for the countryside. The cold-pressed, unrefined linseed oil and cold-milled linseed meal are delicious and packed full of Omega-3, essential nutrients and the right fibre for digestive health; ideal for vegans, or those on coeliac or diabetic diets. Everything is wheat-free.  Our famous Linseed Flaxjacks® are great-tasting, sustaining and low-GI. For info about using linseed to improve your health and lots of original, easy recipes for using linseed, including delicious foods suitable for vegan, low-fat, diabetic and coeliac diets go to www.flaxfarm.co.uk


Happilyraw.com specialises in raw, organic, wildcrafted and pesticide-free items, offering an extensive range of superfoods, herbs, mushroom powders, personal care items and food-derived supplements. Nourish and support yourself with dense nutrition, wholefoods, multivitamins, bath clays, intestinal cleansing, organic hair and bodycare, enzymes and probiotics. Happilyraw works in partnership with suppliers of integrity, striving for authentic and high quality product choices. Our profits support UK and overseas community healthcare projects. Regular newsletters and special offers. Enter ‘VEGFEST3’ at checkout for FREE delivery over £20 sub-total (UK Mainland only. Inspiring people to be happy, positive and vibrantly healthy. www.happilyraw.com, T: 08446830025, E: hello@happilyraw.com