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Talks and Presentations

There are a number of talks and demos throughout the weekend at VegfestUK Brighton, with a variety of experts sharing their knowledge and expertise for free.


12pm            Product Presentation - Nakd Wholefoods

12.30pm       Project Presentation - The Vegan Society

1pm              Talk - Tony Wardle (Viva!): Saving the World with your Knife & Fork 

2pm              Talk - Pat Reeves: Recovery from Cancer and Surgery with Living Foods

3pm              Project Presentation - Captive Animals Protection Society (CAPS) 

3.30pm         Product Presentation - The Really Healthy Company  

4pm              Talk - Michelle Thew (BUAV): Ending Animal Testing Worldwide  

5pm              Talk - Nancy Silverstone: Protein and B12 on a vegan diet 


12pm            Product Presentation - Yaoh Hemp Products 

12.30pm       Product Presentation - Dee's Eat Well Be Happy 

1pm              Product Presentation - Topas / Wheaty

1.30pm         Product Presentation - Kinetic

2pm              Product Presentation - Raw Skin Food


3pm              Talk - Gina Shaw: Taking Back Control Of Your Health 

4pm              Project Presentation - Dogs Mountain 

4.30pm         Product Presentation - Goodlife 

5pm              Project Presentation - Sea Shepherd 

5.30pm         Project Presentation - SHAC 

To find out more details about our product and project presentations, please visit our Product Presentations page by clicking here.

To find out more about our talks, please see below... 

Tony Wardle (Viva!): Saving the World With Your Knife and Fork

Tony Wardle of Viva! investigates the state of the global environment and finds it at crisis point. Global Warming is blinding us to the other ecological disasters that threaten our future. Forests are disappearing faster than ever, deserts are spreading and soil degrading, species extinction is epidemic, nitrogen pollution is growing and antibotic-resistant micro-organisms are already killing millions as superbugs flourish. And yes, the most immediately threatening of them all is global warming. The common threat is livestock production for meat and dairy and a political obsession with constant growth. www.tonywardle.co.uk

Pat Reeves: Recovery from Cancer and Surgery with Living Foods

Pat Reeves is a champion powerlifter and a cancer survivor too - and diet plays a massive part in her succes with both challenges - she has also made the most excellent recovery from major surgery too, using Living Foods. Pat is a truly remarkable and inspirational individual and rightly named a 'Living Miracle', and here she shares some of the secrets to her success in overcoming major illness and setbacks to become a UK champion powerlifter with the aid of raw and living foods. For more information about Pat see her website www.foodalive.org

Michelle Thew (BUAV): Ending Animal Testing Worldwide

Michelle Thew is Chief Executive of the BUAV – the world’s leading organisation campaigning against animal experiments.  For over 15 years Michelle has championed the cause of animals in laboratories, speaking on their behalf in the UK and EU Parliaments, and taking the message to media, regulators and industry representatives around the world. www.buav.org

Nancy Silverstone: Protein and B12 on a Vegan Diet

Finding the best dietary sources for protein can be tricky for vegans & vegetarians. There are plenty of foods that contain protein but do they provide high quality complete and usable protein? How much protein do you actually need each day?  What about the amino acids in your foods?  They build protein. How about trace minerals?  Where have they gone? And what about B12 if you are a vegan. There are credible yet differing views.  Nancy will explore the different sources of protein that are best for vegans and vegetarians. We’ll also look at how to maximise your body’s ability to produce B12 as well as the best form to take.  We will also review early civilizations and their solutions. www.healthy.co.uk

Gina Shaw: Taking Back Control Of Your Health

Gina Shaw is a long-term vegan Health and Nutrition Consultant/Iridologist, Fasting/Detox Supervisor, author and lecturer who has helped hundreds of people worldwide to re-gain their health through optimal nutrition and lifestyle changes.  She has written several books including 'The Undigestible Truth about Meat' and 'Nutrition and Emotions' and has appeared in the Times newspaper and also on radio. See her website at www.vibrancyuk.com.