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Bodybuilders Competition

Bodybuilders Strength Contest

Saturday March 16th 4pm

Entertainments Hall Ground Floor





VegfestUK Brighton inverted row championships 2013


This competition features a number of men and women who follow a plant based lifestyle competing together in a strength contest, and is hosted by Vegan Bodybuilding. The competition is free to enter - see the boys on the Vegan Bodybuilding stall during the day (no 42 on the first floor at the top of the stairs.

The rules of the competition follow. Please read carefully if you are thinking of entering.

Brighton Vegfest inverted row championships 2013 - Rules

This is in inaugural year of the Brighton Vegfest Inverted row contest. The contestant will lie on the floor under the bar, holding the body straight they will pull their bodies up to the bar so their elbows pass 90 degrees., they will then lower themselves under control so the arms straighten. The winner will be the person who completes the most continuous reps.

Males must keep their bodies straight from ankles to head, while females may bend their knees to 90 degrees.

Partial reps will not be allowed & the judges may end any event if they feel a safety issue arises (either to the contestant or the audience).

The judge's decision is final.

It is recommended that anyone wishing to participate in the event should get an all-clear from their physician & it should be noted that using weights is an inherently dangerous activity & we (the organisers) hold no responsibility for any injury incurred during the course of the event & although every effort has been made to make this event as safe as possible, there is some possibility of injury when the lifting of heavy weights occurs. Entry is at your own risk.

The winners will receive prizes from several companies awarded on the day.

The event will be free to enter. See the Vegan Bodybuilders stall no 42 on the first floor foyer to enter.

The event will be photographed & by entering the contest you agree to allow photographs of yourself to be used (on the internet or other mediums) by vegan bodybuilding & other sponsors of the event.

Vegan Bodybuilding


Vegan Bodybuilding is a group of individuals who together aim at promoting health & fitness amongst the vegan community & encourage a move towards a plant-based diet to those already involved in the fitness industry & sport. Part of the mission of the group has been to run contests at many health events around the UK. In the past these have brought many successful athletes from various fields into battle, such as Duathlon GB competitor Dave Arnold, Elite runner Matt Woodman & top Savate fighter James Southwood, as well as bodybuilders, strongmen & other athletes from the UK & around Europe - all of them following a 100% plant based lifestyle.

At this year's Brighton Vegfest Vegan Bodybuilding will be bringing a totally new competition to the stage with the start of the "VegfestUK Brighton Inverted row championships" to decide which athlete has the greatest pulling power.
The contest is not just for elite athletes though. Thanks to the generosity of our many sponsors everyone who enters receives a prize, so whatever the athletic ability of the entrant they will get a prize just for turning up on the day!

The contest will be held at 4pm on Saturday 16th March. This will be followed by a talk by amateur vegan bodybuilder Alex Mitchell about diet & training on a vegan diet at 5PM.

For more information about Vegan Bodybuilding check out



Talk at 5pm after the competition

Alex Mitchell - Training and Diet


Hello, my name is Alex Mitchell. I was born in February 1991. I am an aspiring Vegan bodybuilder. My main goals are at the moment to put on as much mass as I can. My main goal in the future is to become a professional bodybuilder. My heaviest weight as a Vegan is seventeen stone (108Kg), when I started I was just over thirteen (82Kg).
At the Brighton Vegfest I will give a talk about the diet & training you need to use to succeed in building a muscular physique while eating a vegan diet. I will cover the benefits you get & the pitfall you should avoid when building your body. So, if you have any questions about building a muscular physique, losing fat or just creating a toned body for the beach, then come along & get everything you need to create muscle while eating vegan!