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Cookery Classes

Cookery Classes

Hosted by Sutra Kitchens

With chief chef Jay Morjaria

You will find our Cookery Classes on the ground floor next to the Main Hall.






12.00               Jane Easton (Viva!) - Out of the Box:seasonal and vegbox cooking

1.00                 Sutra Kitchens Chef -   Mexican menu

2.00                 Rebecca Kane  - Raw Pasta & Pesto, & Raw Chocolate Brownies

3.00                 Tony Bishop - Weston (Foods for Life) - Cheesy Ackee omelet and chocolate fudge meringues

4.00                 Jane Hughes - Getting to Grips with Tofu

5.00                 Jay Morjaria (Sutra Kitchens)  - Canapes 



12.00               Chef Kye - Irie Jamaican Patties

1.00                 Sutra Kitchen Chef -  Raw Desserts 

2.00                 Janice Weir - Caribbean Catering

3.00                 Tim Barford (Yaoh) - Hemp Smoothies 

4.00                 Paula Young (Titbits Catering) - Tasty Tapas 

5.00                 Jay Morjaria (Sutra Kitchens)  - Gourmet menu

Sutra Kitchens cookery demos


1pm - Sutra kitchen chefs - Vegan Mexican
Before the conquests of the Spanish, the food of the native Mexicans was largely based on a vegan diet. Using the bold and exciting flavours from Mexico, Sutra kitchen's chefs will create a series of tasty vegan dishes such as Black bean filling for soft flour tortillas, a zingy pico de gallo and an amazing chunky guacamole! A feast for any fiesta!

5pm - Chef Jay Morjaria - Vegan canapes
Get your party off to great start with a selection of mouth-watering and easy to prepare vegan canapés all accompanied with a thirst quenching cocktail. Chef Jay Morjaria will show you how to combine simple and fresh ingredients to create a selection of guilt free canapés that will impress your guests and make you the perfect host


1pm - Sutra kitchen chefs - Raw desserts
Raw desserts can be amazing, they are healthy and free from all the nasties! Sutra kitchen's experienced chefs will show you how to make two exciting desserts without anything naughty. Expect to learn easy techniques for making raw and impressive treats, such as a sugar free, dairy free and gluten free chocolate mousse.

5pm Chef Jay Morjaria - Vegan Gourmet
Chef Jay Morjaria will create two vegan gourmet dishes using fresh and quality ingredients. These easy to re-create and sensational dishes will impress your friends and family and make you look like a haute cuisine chef. He will also teach you a few simple knife skills and techniques that will give and insight into restaurant secrets.


Sutra Kitchen


Sutra Kitchen is Central London's first exclusively Vegetarian and Vegan cooking school and deli, located in Soho, Central London. This innovative concept is home to a range of Vegetarian, Vegan and Raw cooking classes as well as a mouth watering gourmet deli.

Established by up and coming Vegetarian Chef and personality Jay Morjaria, Sutra Kitchen has become a favourite with Vegetarians and non-Vegetarians alike who enjoy its practical, hands-on and affordable classes allowing them to develop their culinary interests and learn how to make fresh meat free dishes from scratch. Jay has regularly appeared on BBC Radio London as guest chef and food expert.
Sutra Kitchen also plays host to a range of events including corporate team building classes, cooking demonstrations for special occasions, themed supper clubs and canapé receptions

Having taken part in Vegfest 2012, Sutra Kitchen is delighted to be sponsoring and hosting the cooking demonstration theatre at Vegfest 2013 across all locations, bring its culinary expertise and passion for Vegan food to a wider audience.

Jane Easton - Viva

Our Guest Chefs Include

Jane Easton

Jane is the food & cookery co-ordinator of VIVA! and the Vegetarian and Vegan Foundation (VVF). A self-taught cook, she has been vegetarian for 15 years and vegan for seven. Jane has developed delicious vegan recipes for many of VIVA! and VVF's publications from 'Have a Heart' and 'How to be Dairy-Free' to 'the V-Plan Diet', as well as for the VVF's Vegetarian Recipe Club (see and VIVA!'s website (see She gives popular cookery demos around the UK and regularly contributes to radio and the Press.

Jane will demonstrate easy, delicious ways of getting veg into the heart of your meals. She will be using curly kale, purple sprouting broccoli, carrots - and hopefully the season's first rhubarb!


Rebecca Kane 

Raw Food Chef, Author and Presenter - Raw Pasta & Pesto with Raw Chocolate Brownies

Rebecca is the founder of the Shining Academy, a company committed to working with people so they can connect to their true nature and take their lives to the next level. She does this through her fun teaching style, skills as a kinesiologist and love of raw food.
Rebecca will be giving a demonstration of her world famous raw chocolate brownies and her take on a raw 'pasta' and pesto dish



Jane Hughes - Getting to grips with tofu


Many people struggle with tofu - it's a fabulous source of protein and other nutrients but it can be tasteless and floppy. This session features simple ways to add flavour and texture to tofu, so that it can become a more regular part of your diet.
Jane Hughes is a freelance vegetarian food writer and current Secretary of The Guild of Food Writers. She has been editing The Vegetarian magazine, for the Vegetarian Society UK, for 12 years and also teaches at the Cordon Vert Vegetarian Cookery School.
Twitter: @vegfoodwriter


Chef Kye - Irie Jamaican patties...

Greetings to one and all, finally we would like to introduce to you a new but old craze that's about the world by tropical storm. Jamaican Patties!!! They are the original Jamaican fast food snack, quick, tasty & healthy.Our patties are 100 % cruelty free meaning they don't contain any animal products, just strictly plant based.What is a pattie I hear you ask? Well it's a Jamaican flaky pastry case which has various fillings which traditionally were savoury, but we also do sweet ones also. Our patties are handmade and are made with love and care.They make for a wonderful all-day snack on the go as they are just the right size to hold in your hand.
Children and adults absolutely love them.
So check them out and taste a bit of JAMAICAN SUNSHINE with each bite!!!
One Love 


Chef Kye
I'm a nomadic vegan chef, I spread the love through the dishes I & I create. I & I specialises in Rastafarian (Ital) cuisine & traditional Jamaican cuisine all been made vegan. I also do fusion cookery incorporating Jamaican ingredients and techniques in Czech, French, Chinese, Indian, British, Italian, Spanish & more dishes



Janice Weir - Foodtruly (

Food Truly are Caribbean Caterers, Accredited Food Safety Trainers, Couture Cake and SPELT Flour Bakers for Vegan and Vegetarians and those with food allergies and NO allergies. We have catered for Councils, Private Parties, Film Crews, jointly run a Cafe and so much more. We can provide some amazing and mouthwatering variations from around the caribbean using caribbean ingredients and fresh produce from around the UK including nutritious SPELT. Following on from last years 'Let's Lime' this year we will include something savoury and refreshingly fruity from our Catering School Once again, come and "Lime" with us down Caribbean Avenue. See You there.




Tony Bishop - Weston (Foods for Life)

Plantarian Chef Tony Bishop-Weston, author of 'The Ultimate / Complete Book of vegan cooking', 'Rainbows and Wellies' and 'Vegan' , makes a cheesy Ackee omelet and some some chocolate fudge meringues Twitter @bishopweston facebook


Paula Young - Titbits Catering - Tasty Tapas


Brighton based Titbits Catering will be serving up a yummy selection of Tasty Tapas both sweet & savoury. Sample our marinated Tempeh & Roast Pepper Skewers, Lettuce Bang Bang, Spinach, Pine nut & Rawmesan Puff Slice or Divine Chocolate Brownie plus many more to tickle your tastebuds!The demo for 4pm Sunday will be Tasty Tapas - a selection of easy, fantastic looking & great tasting plant based party foods to impress your friends!


Tim Barford - Yaoh - Hemp Smoothies


Tim has been living on a plant based lifestyle for the best part of 30 years - and hemp is the mainstay of his diet. In his demos he shows how to whip up several hemp smoothies packed full of nutrients and tasting absolutley fabulous. Tim also explains the basics of hemp nutrition and why this amazing seed is truly the superfood of the century. Expect a lot of fun, loads of info in an informal and easy fashion, and some most excellent smoothies to sample, and take away the recipe to recreate at home! Sorted.