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Dean Howell

Dean Howell - Professional Footballer

Visiting VegfestUK Brighton on Sunday March 17th

Available to meet on the Revolution Foods Stall (nos 9 & 10, Ground Floor)




Hi, my name is Dean Howell; I am 32 and a professional footballer currently playing for Fleetwood town f.C in league 2. I have been a vegan for 8 years. Whilst I have been a vegan I have enjoyed the most successful period in my career. I've played for many clubs and failed to settle at any until the past 3 years of my career. This was mainly down to reoccurring injury problems. I enjoyed two successful years at Crawley town F.C prior to my move to Fleetwood Town at the start of this season.
From my own personal experiences and self education in health, Illness/injury is most definitely connected to poor nutrition. For 7 years I have been on a journey of self education. The years of research have been put into practice to achieve an optimum level of vibrant health.

I now understand that a diet without meat and dairy has enabled me to thrive on all levels of my life. The plant kingdom has so much more to offer nutritionally and on an emotional and spiritual level, consuming animal products isn't in tune with how humanity should live. I feel strongly that humans and animals were put on earth to share this wonderful world we live in.

Many people from all walks of life are interested in my diet as it goes against the grain of the mainstream. My diet is really quite simple. I eat alkaline foods. I discovered that 90% of people are living an on an acid based diet. The P.H of the body remains in a constant range of 7.35-7.40. The overly acidic food chain is putting massive pressure on people's bodies as the systems of the body work overtime to stay in balance. Alkaline foods are simply foods provided to us from nature such as herbs, fruits, vegetables and natural grains. I learned about the importance of P.H (potential of hydrogen) and the P.H chart. The chart ranges from 0-14 with 7 being neutral. Any food or beverage with a P.H above 7 is alkaline, below 7 acidic. Acid foods are manmade and affecting the health of people regularly consuming them. It makes sense to me to eat alkaline food because by design the human body is alkaline. We are organic, electrical being's so it's only right to feed the body organic, electrical food. When I understood meat and dairy products were the most acidic foods they were cut from my diet immediately. The results were almost instant. Our bodies are composed of many minerals and I found if I supplied my body with a diet rich in minerals then every aspect of my training improved. My speed, energy, flexibility, stamina and recovery time improved and I gained extra strength in my bones and joints to help prevent injury. I have progressed from a lot of time spent on the treatment table to now hardly missing a game.

In March 2011 I decided people needed to learn and understand the true potential of natural electric plant based herbs. I set up an informative website to bring the products I used to the mainstream market. My website address is I have detailed only a small amount of my knowledge in this profile, so if you would like to log on and learn more about the alkaline concept of diet and my philosophy on health and well being please feel free to do so.

Revolution foods is my passion. It's exciting to be involved in a business that can help and inspire people. The feedback I have received from people has been really positive. A whole variety of people take revolution foods products ranging from the health conscious to people seeking improved health. Many of my fellow professionals from the premier league down to the lower leagues are feeling the benefits. In fact, many sportsmen/women are customers ranging from boxers to competitors from the G.B iron man team.