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Kids Cookery Classes

Kids cookery classes

Welcome to our Kids Cookery Classses, hosted by Captain James Tea Cook

Sunday March 17th 11.30am - 4.00pm in the Entertainments Hall Ground Floor




Sunday March 17th is our Family day, with a range of Kids activities from 11.30 through till 4pm. They take place in the Entertainments Hall on the ground floor, with a combination of kids cookery classes and experiments along with magic shows, balloon modelling, hula hoop displays, two smoothies bikes (make your own smoothie) and a human fruit machine. Kids of all ages are welcome and all activities are free to participate in.

The Kids activities are hosted by your resident pirate Captain James Tea Cook.

11.30 - The Amazing Power of Vegetables - Kitchen Experiments

12.15 - Magic with Ben's Balloons

12.30 - Cooking With Children - Cookery Workshop

1.15 - Magic with Ben's Balloons

1.30 - The Amazing Power of Vegetables - Kitchen Experiments

2.15 - Pirate Capers

2.30 - Cooking With Children - Cookery Workshop

3.15 - Pirate Capers

3.30 - Hula Hoop Performance



The Amazing Power of Vegetables - Kitchen Experiments


Pirate of The Carob Bean Capt James Tea Cook shares his limited knowledge of chemistry with a few experiments to prove that

• Fruit & vegetables have power -
       o We use potatoes as batteries to power a clock
       o We show how bread and cakes rise using a volcano and make fresh lemonade
       o We make a alkali acid testing kit with cabbage and test food and drink for alkalinity and test our tastebuds to see if they can work without smell
       o We talk about anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals hiding in colour and make green slime to take home


Cooking With Children - Cookery Workshop


Captain James Tea Cook helps young whippersnappers to whistle up some snacks

• Swashbuckling 5 a day Sushi
• Pancake wraps
• Super Chocolate Cannonballs



2 smoothies bikes for kids to pedal out a smoothie - lots of fun and educational too as kids get a healthy treat that they have provided the power for themselves.


Our giant sized fruit machine is a fantastic concept. It has proved very popular with children in schools, at events and at birthday parties. Three children get inside the fruit machine where they will find a selection of fruit. When the fruit machine arm is pulled the children inside choose a fruit and present it through the opening in front of them. If the child at the front of the Human Fruit Machine gets three in a row then they win a healthy prize.


Prepare to be amazed as professional hula hooper Jo Mondy wows you with a multi-hoop spectacular! One of the top hoop dancers in the country, she has been spinning hoops on stage for 6 years, entertaining crowds in the UK, Australia, US and Europe.



Foods for Life Academy of Food

Fun and Facts: Unlocking your children's full potential and avoiding diet traps with Ideas for healthier packed lunches and snacks. Talks, workshops, science, cooking and lots of fun whilst learning about healthy eating.

Talk: TV Nutritionist Yvonne Bishop-Weston (GMTV's LK Today, BBC One Show, ITN News) simply explains the why, what, when and most importantly how, of children's nutrition and the psychology of helping kids to want to eat for life! Yvonne exposes the typical pitfalls and manufacturers tricks to mislead you into thinking you're getting a healthy whole-food when it's really just a half-food.Yvonne will be available for question time afterwards.

Free Consultations: If you have some specific health problems you'd like to discuss Yvonne will be offering some free 15 minute consultations after her talk for you to pick her brains and help find practical solutions to your children's problems.
Pre Book online to ensure a space or post a question to be answered in the talk.

Cookery Workshops: All ages: Pirate of the Carob Bean Captain James Tea Cook helps kids rustle up some great ideas to get a Rainbow in our diets. Hands on - Rainbow Sushi, Energy Rainbow Snack Balls, and Pancake Rainbow Wraps. A little bit of pirate singing and jigging too.

Kitchen Lab: Kitchen science experiments; All ages - Pirate of the Carob Bean Captain James Tea Cook looking at the acid alkali balance of food and why it's important, How to tell what you've been eating, emulsification, water soluble vitamins, green slime and volcanos.

WARNING - Contains nuts (especially the pirate bits)


Special offer - Free comic for the first 80 kids visiting our cookery classes on sunday March 17th

Virtual Vegan comics for the young and young-at-heart.
A growing selection of picture books and graphic stories for veggie kids of all ages. Free for everyone to enjoy at


Captain James Tea Cook - mad Pirate and your host for the day