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A big shout out to all our wonderful medium sponsors!!




GOOD HEMP Food is delicious and nutritious. Get plenty of complete protein, fibre and Omega-3 in your diet with hemp products made naturally and sustainably without the use of any herbicides or pesticides. It took Henry and Glynis over ten years to master the production of hemp food on their small, eco-farm in Devon.
Try their delicious GOOD OIL - cold-pressed hemp seed oil with 26 times more Omega-3 than Olive Oil. GOOD HEMP milk is a mouth-watering, dairy free alternative to milk with the benefit of Omega-3 and Calcium. GOOD SEED is a great additional ingredient for your stir-fries, porridge, smoothies or any other delicious veggie dish with extra GOODness. And if you need some extra protein in your diet - the GOOD Hemp Nutrition protein shakes provide the most complete and balanced plant-based protein for vegetarian and vegan diet. All GOOD HEMP Food is 100% RAW. 


koko Dairy Free - ‘Kara Dairy Free' becomes ‘Koko Dairy Free'

Kara Dairy Free, the delicious alternative to cow's milk and soya milk, is re-branding to Koko Dairy Free.  The new name strengthens the brand relationship with the healthy attributes of coconuts.

Low in fat (only 2%) and rich in calcium, as well as being cholestorol free Koko Dairy Free is a fantastic healthy option for people of all dietary persuasions. Additionally, the coconut is not a nut but is actually a fruit, making Kara Dairy Free a nut free product and therefore suitable for people with nut allergies, which is amazing. 

At Vegfest you'll also have the opportunity to taste the new Strawberry ‘milk' flavoured with real strawberry juice, and available in 250 ml packs.


Sutra Kitchens

Sutra Kitchen is Central London's first exclusively Vegetarian and Vegan cooking school and deli, located in Soho, Central London. This innovative concept is home to a range of Vegetarian, Vegan and Raw cooking classes as well as a mouth watering gourmet deli.

Established by up and coming Vegetarian Chef and personality Jay Morjaria, Sutra Kitchen has become a favourite with Vegetarians and non-Vegetarians alike who enjoy its practical, hands-on and affordable classes allowing them to develop their culinary interests and learn how to make fresh meat free dishes from scratch. Jay has regularly appeared on BBC Radio London as guest chef and food expert.
Sutra Kitchen also plays host to a range of events including corporate team building classes, cooking demonstrations for special occasions, themed supper clubs and canapé receptions

Having taken part in Vegfest 2012, Sutra Kitchen is delighted to be sponsoring and hosting the cooking demonstration theatre at Vegfest 2013 across all locations, bring its culinary expertise and passion for Vegan food to a wider audience.


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Bute Island

Bute Island are the proud creators of the Sheese brand of vegan cheeses, making all their products at their custom built factory on the beautiful Isle of Bute in Scotland and shipping them to the four corners of the universe. A variety of textures and flavours makes the Sheese range a must have product for many vegan households, and being dairy free is of course an excellent choice for those who are lactose intolerant too. Available through independent health food shops across the UK, the Sheese range will also be available at Brighton for tasting sessions (although sadly the Bute Island team will not be on hand with a stall). VegfestUK extends a warm and heartfelt gratitude to the Bute Island team for their continued and wholehearted support for our events.


Sun Chlorella

For over 40 years Sun Chlorella has been at the forefront of research and development of chlorella, a wonderful natural wholefood. 

Sun Chlorella® "A" tablets are the best-selling chlorella supplements in Japan. Our unique patented Dyno-Mill process pulverises the chlorella's cell walls, thereby solving the problem of tough cell walls that can hinder digestion and absorption. Our product will satisfy not only first-time users, but also those who are dissatisfied with conventional "broken" or "cracked" cell wall chlorella.
Sun Chlorella contains a chlorophyll and a whole range of important vitamins and minerals such as B12, D, Beta-Carotene, Folic Acid, Iron and essential amino acids, making it perfect for vegans and vegetarians.
Sun Chlorella® "A" contains Chlorella Growth Factor (C.G.F.) and nucleic acids which are highly regarded for their revitalising properties. Nucleic acids have the potential to help cell renewal. Whilst present in tablet and granule form, these valuable components are available in a concentrated form in our liquid extract Sun Wakasa Gold Plus.
Sun Chlorella Corporation prides itself in the leading the way into researching the many benefits of chlorella as a food supplement. Fascinating results have been published on a wide range of lifestyle related diseases and chronic conditions. Email to request research papers.   Twitter @SunChlorellaUK