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sponsorship for 2014

The 2014 website will be live for bookings from September 2nd 2013.

Meanwhile, you can access the 2014 sponsorship packages here.

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VegfestUK    Brighton   2013 – Sponsors and Supporters

VegfestUK Brighton is FREE to the public and offers an exceptional level of marketing opportunities for our sponsors and supporters, including all our marketing options through our website, promotional activity, ebulletins, social networking and the event programme, as well as invaluable good will and word of mouth. Veggies and vegans especially (75% of our visitors) will value your support for this event and we'll make sure that all our visitors get to hear about you, as well as many more beyond. And the meat and dairy reducers (25% of our visitors) will see your brand placed at the forefront of their first introduction to the veggie/vegan lifestyle.


·         All our packages are cost effective and tailored to suit businesses of all sizes and scales. If your budget is compact and bijoux, why not become an EVENT WELLWISHER, FRIEND or SUPPORTER? Each will gain you great word of mouth for very little money, as all our supporter's contributions  are valued as they help keep the event free to the public.


·         If you are a business that is emerging or introducing new products into the market, looking to establish your brand name, or simply wish to support one of the biggest free vegan events anywhere in the world (and the kudos that comes with this)  then you might consider becoming a SPONSOR. All our packages are outlined over the following pages.


·         At the 2012 show, an estimated 1250 visitors were 'Omnivore', 1500 were 'Vegetarian' and 2250 were 'Vegan'. Sponsoring VegfestUK Brighton ensures you reach a wide spread of veggie friendly individuals all at once, in the UK's veggie capital Brighton - a city where tens of thousands are veggie/vegan already, and tens of thousands are actively looking to reduce the meat and dairy intake.


·         Join a growing list of top brands that sponsor (or have sponsored) our events including Redwood, Beanies, Bute Island, Nakd, Goodlife, Jason, The Vegan Society, Ecotricity, Fry's, Kinetic, Excellart, Kara Dairy Free, Amys Kitchen, Inside Organics, Out of Hand, Vegusto, Good Hemp, Foods for Life, VeggieVision, Provamel, Flax Farm , Natural Balance Foods, Moo Free Chocolates, Plamil, Natural Vitality, Marap, Vitamix, Bizzybee, Wild Oats, Yaoh........and many more!

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