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Talks and Presentations

Talks & Presentations

You will find our Talks and Presentations on the Top Floor of the venue, overlooking the Main Hall on the First Floor. Access is via the stairs in the Foyer area of the First Floor (next to Stall no 59).





12.00      Tony Bishop - Weston (Foods For Life) -       Introduction to the Plant Based Lifestyle

1.00         Justin Kerswell (Viva!) -  Deadly Dairy: The Real Reason for the Badger Cull

2.00         Sam Dawes (Campaign Whale) - Save the Pilot Whales

3.00         Mike Huskisson (Animal  Cruelty Investigation Group) -   Enforcing existing Animal Welfare legislation 

4.00         Sally Mittuch (Natural Spa Supplies) - The Parasite Cleanse

5.00         Alex Mitchell (Vegan Bodybuilders) - Training and Diet



12.00        Yvonne Bishop - Weston (Foods for Life) - Plant Based nutrition for the Whole Family

1.00          Juliet Gellatley (Viva!) - Why You Don't Need Dairy 

2.00          Shaun Heveron - Foraging for the Whole Family

3.00           Juliet Gellatley (Viva!) - Mood Food

4.00           Steve J Morse - Choice: One Family's Plant Based Journey

5.00           Vanessa Hudson - Animals Count - Why Animals Count Needs Apolitical Animla Lovers Just Like You!





Tony Bishop - Weston (Foods for Life) - Introduction to the plant based lifestyle

Tony is a published author, with vegan cookbooks his speciality. Tony is down to earth, very amusing, and a very good speaker and his talk makes a most excellent introduction to the plant based lifestyle. Suitable for beginners and those looking to reduce their meat and dairy, as well as veggies who are looking to go vegan. Tony's alter ego Captain James Tea Cook will be hosting the kids cookery classes on sunday 


Justin Kerswell - Deadly dairy: the real reason for the badger ‘cull'

Have you ever wondered why badgers are being blamed for the TB crisis in cattle and how you can save them from persecution? The reality is that British wildlife is being scapegoated for a mess made purely by politicians and farmers. Consumers hold the key to saving badgers by dumping meat and dairy - the very industries that are driving the calls for mass slaughter.


Mike Huskisson (ACIG)

"Enforcing existing Animal Welfare legislation and pushing forward the boundaries of Animal Welfare legislation"
Within this framework I will be able to talk about legal campaigning work to expose the cruelties inherent in bloodsports, vivisection, factory farming and other animal abuses. I will concentrate mainly on work within the UK. I will then talk about how gathering the proof of cruelty through images and video film is deployed through campaigning in the media and Parliament to bring about legal change to end the cruelty. I can talk about my role as an observer to the Lord Burns Hunting Inquiry in 2000. Finally, having changed the law I will then talk about our work to enforce new laws such as the Hunting Act 2004. I will allow 20 mins at the end for questions from the audience.


Sally Mittuch - Internal Parasites in Humans and Animals and How to Get Rid of Them

Parasites pose a growing threat to our health and wellbeing, especially with the increase in travel, festival going, pet ownership, raw food eating etc. Most untreated people have them. Parasites live secretly within us robbing us of our health and vitality and causing disease. Mainstream doctors fail to make the connection between parasite infestation and symptoms of illness such as sleep disorders, mental illness, digestive, joint and skin complaints as well as tumors. Learn about your uninvited guests, how to get rid of them and how to keep them away.


Alex Mitchell - Training and Diet

Hello, my name is Alex Mitchell. I was born in February 1991. I am an aspiring Vegan bodybuilder. My main goals are at the moment to put on as much mass as I can. My main goal in the future is to become a professional bodybuilder. My heaviest weight as a Vegan is seventeen stone (108Kg), when I started I was just over thirteen (82Kg).
At the Brighton Vegfest I will give a talk about the diet & training you need to use to succeed in building a muscular physique while eating a vegan diet. I will cover the benefits you get & the pitfall you should avoid when building your body. So, if you have any questions about building a muscular physique, losing fat or just creating a toned body for the beach, then come along & get everything you need to create muscle while eating vegan!



Yvonne Bishop - Weston
Introduction to the plant based lifestyle

TV Nutritionist Yvonne Bishop-Weston (GMTV's LK Today, BBC One Show, ITN News) simply explains the why, what, when and most importantly how, of children's nutrition and the psychology of helping kids to want to eat for life! Yvonne exposes the typical pitfalls and manufacturers tricks to mislead you into thinking you're getting a healthy whole-food when it's really just a half-food.Yvonne will be available for question time afterwards.


Juliet Gellatley (Viva!) -  WHY YOU DON'T NEED DAIRY

Juliet Gellatley, the founder and director of Viva! and Revive! Nutrition.

Juliet Gellatley is a nutritional therapist and founder and director of Europe's largest campaigning vegetarian & vegan organisation. Juliet's compelling talk asks: is it natural to consume milk after weaning? Indeed is it natural to consume cow's milk at all? What is the life of a dairy cow and how does this link to our health? Why has dairy been linked to cancers? How do growth hormones and oestrogen in milk affect us? What are the dangers of milk protein and saturated fats? Do we - and especially our children - need calcium from dairy? If not, where should we obtain it and how do we ensure we have strong bones?


Juliet Gellatley (Viva!) - Mood Food

An inspiring talk by Juliet Gellatley, BSc, Dip CNM, BANT nutritional therapist and founder & director of the world's largest vegetarian organisation, Viva!

How does a good plant-centered diet help you beat the blues? 
Four fifths of the UK population claim to be low on energy. Even more say they become impatient too quickly. Our nation takes over 800 million anti-depressants pa. There are many factors involved but when you are feeling low, anxious or irritable, or your memory isn't what it should be, do you ever question the role of your diet?

Juliet explores the role of food in our mood. She explains what nutrients are needed to make ‘happy hormones', good munchies for motivation and the best brain boosters. She explains why meat and dairy can drag you down and fruit can make you well, fruity! A fascinating insight into the impact of food on mind and soul!


Sam Dawes (SPAG) - "Save the pilot whales"

Save our Seals!
Hundreds of thousands of seals are clubbed, stabbed, shot or drowned each year. The Seal Protection Action Group (SPAG) is working to protect seals and supports the rescue of sick and injured seals.
Save the Pilot whales!
Hundreds of pilot whales and dolphins are cruelly slaughtered in the Faroe Islands each year. Campaign Whale is working to end this cruel tradition and to protect all whales and dolphins.
Please visit our stand to support our work. You can buy delightful soft toys and you can join both organisations for the special price of £35 at VegFest. Please visit our stand and support our work. For further details, please visit: and



Shaun Heveron - The Handmade Food Company Limited - Foraging for the whole Family

Until relatively recent times, knowledge of the natural environment around us could literally make the difference between life and death. With the advent of modern farming and the wide availability of cheap food little of this deep empathy remains.

My talk will hopefully give you the guidance and enthusiasm to get out there with family and friends to explore a world of the free exciting tasty and nutritionally rich foods there for the taking.


Vanessa Hudson - Animals Count - Why Animals Count Needs Apolitical Animal Lovers Just Like You!

If Animals Count had a pound for every time we met someone who told us they're not interested in politics or that they hate politicians we'd be fantastically rich. But it's legislation that allows cruel practices to continue and animal suffering to go on on the grand scale that it does. So, if not you, the animal lover, who decides to use your power as a voter to object - then who else? Animals Count is a UK political party established over six years ago. In 2009 we received more than 13,000 votes in the EU elections - an amazing result for a small party like ours. 2014 sees the next EU elections take place and we're on the campaign trail already. We want to take that 13,000 votes and turn it into something even more impressive. Something that will make them prick up their ears in Westminster. But we need you to do it. Will you help us? Come to the talk and discover the many ways you can help us speak up for the animals.


Steve j morse - choice:one family's plant based journey

"It's all about choice, we all have choice, it's just in some cases we seem to have forgotten or worst still not been aware that we have a choice".

My talk focuses on those choices that I and my family have made over the last 5 years in switching to a plant based diet. I reflect on growing up on a diet of fried fatty food in the 1970's with little or no understanding of vegetarianism. I focus on the amazing personal health benefits that the whole family have experienced since switching to a plant based diet. I look at the resistance that we have encountered from immediate family and friends despite the obvious visual results to our health and well being. The talk is a light hearted overview of our personal journey that continues to grow and develop.