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Aneesh Popat

Aneesh Popat

Chocolatier & Yoga Instructor

Appearing on Sunday at 1pm in the Cookery Demos Room, and at 5pm in the Talks and Presentations Room

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Aneesh Popat, chocolatier to Michelin-starred restaurants, makes truffles in a water ganache technique. Water having no real taste of its own allows for the chocolate to do all the speaking. Pairing fine chocolate from Cacao Barry and Valrhona with water, fruit purées, spices, nuts and herbs means this is all there is to taste. There is no thick cream masking any flavour. There is no butter coating your palate. The result? A beautifully smooth chocolate which melts luxuriously but does not leave a sticky residue in the mouth.

Born in Britain and Indian by heritage, Aneesh has fused his mastery of Eastern spices with Western influences, as reflected in his exciting and experimental chocolate creations which range from rose and cherry ganache to his famous chilli and lime truffle. Aneesh has been able to create remarkable flavour profiles based on meticulous studies on aromas, looking at their flavour components to match them on a chemical level.

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