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Bodybuilders Competition

Bodybuilders Strength Contest

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Bodybuilding Competition on Saturday

Pull-up challenge at Vegan Bodybuilding stall

Our hosts Vegan Bodybuilding

Bodybuilding competition

Taking place on Saturday at 5pm in the Entertainments Hall on the Ground Floor

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The event will be bodweight inverted rows. Entrants will try to see how many continuous repetitions they can achieve. Partial reps will not be allowed & the judges may end any event if they feel a safety issue arises (either to the contestant or the audience).

Males will do full repetitions while females will do repetitions with the knees bent to 90°. There will be prizes for all entrants. Here's a picture of last year's winner Dave Arnold:

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Pull-up challenge at Vegan Bodybuilding stall

Over the weekend we will be running a challenge at the Vegan Bodybuilding stall (Stall 43). To win males simply have to do 6 pull-ups & women have to do 3 pull-ups. You can have as many attempts as you want! This event will be on over both days so pop over to the stall to have a go. Below's a picture of Fleetwood Town FC footballer Dean Howell having a go last year:

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Vegan Bodybuilding

Big thanks to Vegan Bodybuilding for hosting our bodybuilding competition and pull-up challenges!

Vegan Bodybuilding is a group of individuals who together aim at promoting health & fitness amongst the vegan community & encourage a move towards a plant-based diet to those already involved in the fitness industry & sport. Part of the mission of the group has been to run contests at many health events around the UK. In the past these have brought many successful athletes from various fields into battle, such as Duathlon GB competitor Dave Arnold, Elite runner Matt Woodman & top Savate fighter James Southwood, as well as bodybuilders, strongmen & other athletes from the UK & around Europe - all of them following a 100% plant based lifestyle.

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For more information about Vegan Bodybuilding check out




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