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Caroline Allen

Caroline Allen

Spokesperson for Green Party on Animal Issues

Appearing on both days, and speaking on Sunday at 11:30am in the Talks and Presentations Room



Caroline Allen is a practicing vet and is the Green Party’s Spokesperson on Animal Issues. Caroline is a European Election candidate for the London region. She is currently Clinical Director of a small group of small animal veterinary practices in North London.

Caroline has extensive knowledge of animal issues and has campaigned on a wide range of subjects; from tackling irresponsible pet ownership to opposing intensive factory farms, highlighting the cruelty of greyhound racing to protecting wildlife.

Caroline is one of the ‘Vet Against the Badger Cull’ and has been very active in opposing the badger cull through pressure on Defra and veterinary bodies on scientific, ethical and humaneness grounds, as well as visiting Wounded Badger Patrols in Gloucester.

Caroline has a special interest in food and farming policy and in particular the severe welfare, environmental and health implications of the intensive animal farming industry.

You can find out more about Caroline’s work and of the Green Party’s work on animal protection through the Greens For Animal Protection group.

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