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Big welcome to our brand new sponsors Cocofina at this year's event!

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What is Cocofina coconut juice / coconut water?

Cocofina coconut juice also known as coconut water is the clear liquid that is found inside the young green coconuts.
Young green coconuts are harvested at their water ready peak (around 7 months) and bottled at source at various locations depending on the season.

Cocofina coconut water is ideal as a sports rehydration drink since its naturally isotonic and contains potassium and sodium salts that you normally lose during exercise.
It contains twice as much potassium as a banana and is loaded with vitamins and minerals.


What is the difference between coconut milk and coconut water or coconut juice?

Coconut juice or coconut water is often confused with coconut milk. Coconut milk is the white milk that is extracted out of the white lining inside of the coconut.

Coconut water does not contain any fat/cholesterol and is very low in calories (Around 21 kcal per 100 ml).

Fresh coconut water was administered to wounded soldiers during the World War II instead of liquid saline since it is naturally sterile and has the same ph balance as your blood.


Why Cocofina coconut juice?

Cocofina is a British brand and has won several taste awards.

It is a natural sports drink but has several other benefits due to the unique combination of minerals, vitamins and salts. On top of all this Cocofina coconut juice tastes great and is incredibly refreshing.

Visit the bragging page to find out more about what our customers and judges had to say about Cocofina coconut water.



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