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Corrina Gordon-Barnes

Corrina Gordon-Barnes

Certified coach and marketing teacher

Appearing on Saturday at 3pm in the Talks and Presentations Room

Click here to download the event programme

Corrina Gordon-Barnes is author of "Turn Your Passion To Profit: a step-by-step guide to getting your business off the ground" and writes the monthly business column in OM Yoga Magazine. She is a certified coach (CPCC), speaker, expert blogger and vegan. She helps practitioners who do helping, healing, transformative work but don't yet know how to make that pay the bills. She is passionate about ending chronic under-earning amongst those who bravely choose to do what they love with their lives.


How to find clients for your vegan business

Youʼre vegan and you want to be self-employed. You want to help others. Whether itʼs through coaching, personal training, offering bodywork, teaching raw chocolate classes, doing copy-editing for recipe books, teaching nutrition, or running workshops or retreats, you want to make the biggest contribution you can make and share your passion with others.

The business side, however, feels somewhat daunting. When it comes to actually getting clients, youʼre not sure where to start. You want to work smart and use your time wisely. This is your calling and you really want it to be successful so you can stop doing other work which doesnʼt feed your soul - so you want to figure out how this can pay the bills.

At the same time, you certainly donʼt want to turn into a sleazy marketing machine. Is there a way of doing business that feels authentic and congruent with your values?

There is - and in Corrina's talk, youʼll discover a step-by-step process that has helped new (and experienced) practitioners to build a thriving, profitable business. Youʼll feel inspired by this heart-centred approach to marketing, that allows you to help lots of people enjoy the benefits of what you do, whilst also allowing you to earn a healthy living doing what you love.

In this talk, youʼll discover:

- How to make money as a self-employed vegan
- How to fill your classes, workshops and client roster
- How to set your prices and attract clients who love to pay

This talk is perfect for you if you want to learn an enjoyable, effective approach tomarketing and get your business off to a flying start.

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