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Emma Fry

Emma Fry

Founder of Veganbnb Travel

Appearing on Sunday at 4pm in the Talks and Presentations Room

Click here to download the event programme

After eight years working as a trip leader in South and later Central America, Emma returned to Europe and on discovering that she couldn't find any vegan friendly accommodation, she opened Malaga's first vegan bed and breakfast! Nearly two years, many wonderful guests and hundreds of vegan breakfasts later saw the launch of Veganbnb Travel, vegan and vegetarian friendly holidays in Guatemala and Spain.

Known as the vegan biker by friends and colleges in Guatemala, Emma has explored Guatemala and beyond by motorbike taking trip research to a different level! A firm believer that tourism can be sustainable, have a low impact on the environment and local culture while helping to generate future employment for local people and positively contributing to local economies, Veganbnb Travel is in the early stages setting up a project called Looking Behind The Label, a creative concept designed to encourage conscious consumerism by connecting consumers to producers.

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