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Entertainment - Main Hall

The Entertainment can be found in two main areas at the show - in the Performance Area on the Ground Floor, and  in the Main Hall on the Ground Floor

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Entertainment kindly sponsored by Cocofina


For details of the Performance Area, whcih includes mainly musicians, click here


Main Hall


11.00           Neon Saints Brass Band

11.45           Supreme Master Ching Hai International Association - The Key to the Highest Form of Martial Arts

12.30           Beauty without Cruelty makeup session

1.00             Speed-dating

2.00             Hemp documentary 'Bringing it Home'

3.00             Post-film Panel discussion and quiz on hemp

4.00             Comedy Hour

5.00             Bodybuilders competition



11.00 - 3.00   Kids entertainment

3.00               Dominic Berry - Spark, the Goblin Wizard

4.00               John Robb - Vegans Don't Wear Sandals

4.30               Animal Welfare Party auction (hosted by John Robb)

5.00               Comedy Hour



11.00 - Neon Saints Brass Band

Originating from Brighton, England, inspired by New Orleans, Louisiana, the NEON SAINTS Brass Band are a 10-strong carnival, popping up at street parties, festivals stages and Youtube channels worldwide.

Combining soul, hip-hop brass and a willingness to fit too many musicians on too small of a stage, with the balls to gig anywhere (Brighton seafront, your local, a festival they weren't invited to...) you literally can't miss them - It's a brass epidemic and the only cure is more cowbell.

Neon Saints Brass Band will also play from 10:45 just before the show begins on Saturday outside the venue.
YouTube -

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12.00 - Supreme Master Ching Hai International Association - The Key to the Highest Form of Martial Arts

A group of the association members will give a Tai Chi demo and perform a dance called Tai Chi Kungfu Fan. As they adhere to the compassionate Vegan lifestyle and the practice of Quan Yin method of Meditation with a Living & Fully Enlightened Master, they experience the benefits of how their lives have improved due to more Peace, Love and Wisdom that they develop inside.

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12.30 - Beauty without Cruelty Makeup Session

Come along to find out the most amazing cruelty-free makeups, which demonstrate that we can have both beauty and non-violence to animals at the same time. Session hosted by the lovely Karin from VeggieVision alongside the Beauty without Cruelty team.

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1.00 - Speed Dating

Welcome to the VegfestUK Brighton Speed Dating Session, on Saturday March 29th at 1pm in the Main Hall on the ground floor. Hosted by Karin from Veggie Vision who also runs a datingservice

If you would like to participate please contact Karin at with the subject heading: Veg Fest Speed Dating!

Entry is free!

Click here for further info

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2.00 - Hemp documentary 'Bringing it Home'

Industrial hemp is a non-psychoactive plant, grown in 31 other countries, but prohibited in the United States. 'Bringing It Home' explores the question of why a crop with so many widespread benefits cannot be grown in America through animation, archival images and interviews with hemp business leaders and entrepreneurs in England, Spain, Washington, D.C., California and North Carolina. The documentary weaves a touching narrative extolling the many benefits of industrial hemp for the environment and human health, while illuminating the obstacles to what could be a thriving industry for U.S. farmers to tap into.

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3.00 - Post-film Panel Discussion and Quiz

Enter our short hemp quiz at 3pm with a chance to win a few hemp hampers! This is followed by a discussion featuring a host of hemp experts on hand to answer any hemp-related questions. Hosted by Yaoh manager Tim Barford, our panel includes: Gail (Hempish), Gav (THTC), Bobby (the Hemp Shop), Henry Braham (GOOD Hemp, TBC) and others. Visitors have the chance to ask their own questions too in a Q&A session at the end.

Yaoh website

Hempish website

THTC website

The Hemp Shop website

GOOD Hemp website

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4.00 - Comedy Hour

Click here for our comedy lineup


5.00 - Bodybuilding Competition

The event will be bodweight inverted rows. Entrants will try to see how many continuous repetitions they can achieve. Partial reps will not be allowed & the judges may end any event if they feel a safety issue arises (either to the contestant or the audience).

Males will do full repetitions while females will do repetitions with the knees bent to 90°. There will be prizes for all entrants. Here's a picture of last year's winner Dave Arnold:

Pull-up challenge at Vegan Bodybuilding stall

Over the weekend we will be running a challenge at the Vegan Bodybuilding stall (Stall 43). To win males simply have to do 6 pull-ups & women have to do 3 pull-ups. You can have as many attempts as you want! This event will be on over both days so pop over to the stall to have a go. Below's a picture of Fleetwood Town FC footballer Dean Howell having a go last year:

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11.00 - 3.00 - Kids entertainment

Click here for our full kids entertainment


3.00 - Dominic Berry - Spark, the Goblin Wizard

For children 5+ and their families

"Spark, the Goblin Wizard, looks like a hairy lizard. This furry beast excels at casting magic spells..."

Spark's magic rhymes can turn anything into anything. He'll turn the bogeys up his nose into some pink ribbons and bows. He'll make a gorgeous high heeled shoe out of a pile of donkey poo...

However, something terrible begins to happen in the enchanted forest. Here be wasps, were wolves and wily wickedness! Maybe not even Spark's spells will be enough to stop a strange new power threatening the woods and everyone in them...

With lyrics, laughs and lots of joining in, poet Dommy B needs your help to save the day!

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4.00 - John Robb - Vegans Don't Wear Sandals

John Robb will talk about punk rock, zen and the universe as a well as vegan power, food politics, the sexiness of not eating meat, how vegans don't wear sandals, how to remain vegan on a world tour in his band and how he became a vegetarian in the concrete cultural wasteland of Blackpool in his youth where men were men and cooking was for wimps and people who didn't eat meat were strange and fragile aliens and how he took the vegan oath and he may even cook something.

editor of award winning website
singer with
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4.30 - Animal Welfare Party auction (hosted by John Robb)

Goldblade frontman John Robb hosts a fundraising auction in support of the Animal Welfare Party's attempt to win a seat in the upcoming EU Parliament elections in May, with many superb prizes up for grabs. Funds raised will help the AWP in their mission to promote their election campaign as far and wide as possible. Victory for AWP in these once-every-5-year elections will be historic for animals and the planet. So do come along and bid for some great prizes while raising significant funds for the party's final push for election success!

AWP website

Animal Welfare Party

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5.00 - Comedy Hour

Click here for our comedy lineup

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