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Gail Evans

Gail Evans

Raw food and detox expert

Appearing on Saturday at 2pm in the Cookery Demos room

Click here to download the event programme

Having been vegetarian since the age of 14 after developing a deep compassion for the animals I called food, I regarded my meat free lifestyle as a relatively healthy one! It wasn't until the eruption of my tiny daughter's eczema at 8 months old that my journey to health really began. During this time I discovered that the shop bought foods we consider "healthy" do infact not keep us in tip top condition.

I learned about the top allergy causing food groups and found that removing them helped to heal most of the eczema from my daughter's body. Striving to eradicate it completely, I discovered Raw Food and went on to clear the skin condition and swelling from Ella's face and body by following a plant based diet!

I also noticed improvements in myself! I no longer had the acne that had developed in my 20's and my IBS symptoms completely disappeared. I also lost around 201bs and felt more energetic than I had in years!

During this turbulent time, I found a natural ability and desire to create tasty and delicious raw food meals. Friends quickly started asking me to sell my raw food creations and inspired by their encouragement, I went on to create raw vegan cheeze cakes, kale chips, raw chocolate cakes and desserts which developed into Divaliciously Raw.

Divaliciously Raw's Celebration Cakes and Love bombs became firm favourites and in high demand as nutritious & delicious raw food treats. I started shipping these treats around the country to raw food lovers, vegans, diabetics and allergy sufferers alike.

Following on from this I then developed an interest in learning about detoxing the body? People I met on the journey to health seemed to have such different opinions on what a "healthy" diet should be. Through my experience in dealing with my daughter's allergies and food intolerances, I knew that a one size fits all diet does not exist BUT a plant based diet certainly puts everyone on the road to health!

I now had many people around the globe asking for guidance on how to begin a raw food diet, how to create tasty raw food recipes, how to go vegan and how to combat allergies and other ailments.

I decided I wanted to bring the basics of a healthy diet, as I knew it, to these people who really don't know where to begin! People who are looking for a plan that would give them back the vibrancy and energy that they used to have when they were young.



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