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Kids Cookery Classes

Kids cookery classes

Welcome to our Kids Cookery Classses, hosted by Captain James Tea Cook

With entertainment from Tom Foolery and Hoola Hoops

11-3pm In the Entertainments Hall Ground Floor  SUNDAY ONLY 

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Pirate of the Carob Bean Captain James Tea Cook will be teaching kids about healthy food with a bit of kitchen science thrown in. Suitable for all ages from toddlers to grandpas and grandmas.



The rainbow smoothie bike will be on hand to cycle up a smoothie and with facepainting and party games add up to a fun-filled day of mayhem, laughter and learning.



Click here for a nice collection of talks, cookery demos and workshops relevant to children's health on Sunday



11.00 - 11.30 - Tom Foolery Pirate Games

11.30 - 12.00 - 5-a-day Sushi Making, anti-oxidants with Capt JTC

12.00 - 12.30 - Tom Foolery Pirate Games

12.30 - 1.00 - Pirate Pancake Tossing Lessons and sweet and savory pancake wraps with Capt JTC and help from Tom Foolery

1.00 - 2.00 - Pirate Chocolate Energy Balls and emulsification with Capt JTC

2.00 - 2.30 -  Green slime, Purple Slime, Electricity in bananas and rainbow hands with Captain James Tea Cook

2.30 - 3.00 -  Caribbean hoola hoop workshop

3.00 - Kids area shuts - treasure trail find the pirate, ride the 5-a-day smoothie bike and get your face painted


Tom Foolery Pirate Games

Tom Foolery, the award-winning children's entertainer, will be performing magic shows with professional silliness this year.

Tom has been entertaining children now for over 12 years with his antics and tricks for all ages! Even the grown-ups enjoy his shows recently wining the Netmums favourite Party Entertainer for the South East.

So come along and join in the fun and be sure to bring your magic fingers "Abracadabra...Beans on Toast!

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5-a-day Sushi Making, anti-oxidants with Capt JTC

We make Rainbow Sushi for lunch trying to get a rainbow in our snacks and why that's important.

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Pirate Pancake Tossing Lessons and sweet and savory pancake wraps with Capt JTC and help from Tom Foolery

Capt JTC looks at different ways to make food fluffy as a pink moshi monster using yeast and baking powder. Pancake tossing lessons from a champion tosser and how to make a nutritious healthy rainbow lunch wrap.

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Green slime, Electrcity in bananas, Purple Slime and rainbow hands with Capt JTC

A little bit of fun with colour and taste buds and then with make Green slime to take away(Don't get it on your mums carpet!). We make batteries out of ordinary fruit and vegetables with enough electricity to power a clock.

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Hoola Hoops from LiveLoveHoop

Come and spin up a storm in this hulahooping workshop with LiveLoveHoop! Both kids and adults can come along and learn how to wiggle their hips while having loads of fun.

LiveLoveHoop is Brighton and Hove's premier hoop dance company running adults fitness classes, kids parties, hen parties, team building and more!

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Pirate Chocolate Energy Balls and emulsification with Capt JTC

Captain JTC teaches the magic of ‘emulsification', how to make vegan cheese and then some healthy chocolate snack balls that are a great addition to a healthy packed lunch or snack box.

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Talks and Cookery Demos relevant to Children's Health (Sunday)

What our Children need to eat – Talk at 12pm

Savoury Wholefood Pancakes – Cookery Demo at 12pm

Why we don't need Dairy –
Talk at 1pm

Chocolate, 1 of your 5 a day –
Cookery Demo at 1pm

Why we need to Optimise Children's diet – Workshop at 1pm

Feeding Children a Healthy Plant-based Diet –
Workshop at 3pm

Fuelled by Compassion –
Workshop at 4pm


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