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Natalie Heath

Natalie Heath

Raw Lifestyle Coach

Appearing on Saturday at 12pm in the Cookery Classes Room

Click here to download the event programme


Natalie Heath is the Raw Lifestyle Coach. She has been on the raw path for over 6 years and now uses her experience, knowledge and training to teach and coach others how to eat more raw plant food, lose weight, detox, live naturally, and create the body and life of their dreams. Natalie has extensive training and qualifications in holistic therapies, massage, yoga, meditation, hypnotherapy, natural skincare formulation and holds a diploma in raw food teaching and coaching from the worlds leading raw food teacher trainer, Karen Knowler.

Natalie helps her clients via one to one private coaching, raw food classes and workshops, eBooks, online group programs, and her hugely popular ‘Raw Lifestyle Retreats'. She also writes on the subjects of raw food, yoga, natural beauty and living a raw lifestyle and her articles are published online and offline in magazines. She has been featured on,, and is a regular contributor to the popular raw food magazine The Funky Raw Magazine, of

Through her work, training and personal experience, Natalie has uncovered the secrets to success when undertaking a major change in diet and lifestyle. She knows the best approach to take when starting out, and how to make positive permanent change, allowing clients to release excess weight, skyrocket their energy levels, transform their relationship with food, and keep the weight off for good. She has developed many unique eCourses, VIP coaching programs, and online groups trainings to help her clients step into the best version of themselves and let their inner beauty and confidence shine!


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