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Self-healing master, founder of Lifewell Wellbeing Hub

Appearing on Saturday at 12pm in the Workshops room for the Lifewell Wellbeing Hub

Click here to download the event programme


Richi is a self-healing master! At just 8 months old he lost 8lbs during an aggressive bout with infant gastroenteritis, and sickness became ever evolving part of life. Before Richi was of school age, he intuitively discovered meditation as a solution to the insomnia caused by his childhood sickness' and severe pain. The adversity of his poor health was multiplied by the turbulent contrast between the inner-peace he uncovered, and the chaos of the outer world; conspiring a great and growing life challenge, which is familiar to all of us in theme if not degree.

Through his teens and twenties Richi's health descended into severe physical debilitation. Within that lifetime of struggle, Richi discovered core insights into Life Alchemy; baffling leading doctors by traversing his severe symptoms. These insights and understandings enabled him to find empowerment through even the most challenging times. At 29, Richi created a healing lifestyle which provided the nutritional support he needed to regenerate his body and thrive! The knowledge he has to share with us gained from his own personal transformation from physically debilitating chronic illness, and the deepest of mental and emotional adversities, is nothing short of life changing!

Richi is patron and guiding visionary for LifeWell Springs, aswell as patron of the Holistic Future Network, and founder of the We for Wellness project and LifeWell Wellbeing Hubs initiative.‎

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