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Talks and Presentations

Talks & Presentations

You will find our Talks and Presentations on the Top Floor of the venue, overlooking the Main Hall on the First Floor. Access is via the stairs in the Foyer area of the First Floor (next to Stall no 59).

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12.00            Neil Robinson - Plant-Exclusive Fitness For The Over 50's

1.00              Vanessa Hudson - Let's Make History for Animals - the Animal Welfare Party Countdown to the May 2014 EU Elections

2.00              Jane Easton & Justin Kerswell (Viva!) - 30 Day Vegan: Improve your Life in Just one Month

3.00              Corrina Gordon-Barnes - How to Market Your Vegan Business

4.00              Jessica Laura - How to be a Vegan Beauty Goddess

5.00              Andre Menache - Healthy Consumerism



11.30            Caroline Allen - Greens for Animal Protection: Why the European Elections Matter for Animals

12.00            Yvonne Bishop-Weston - What our Children Need to Eat

1.00              Dominic Dyer - Deceit, neglect and bad science. Is the badger cull policy the worst British wildlife policy to date?

2.00              Juliet Gellatley - Why You Don't need Dairy

3.00              Gareth Zeal - Immune and Gut Health

4.00              Emma Fry - Vegan BnB Travel

5.00              Aneesh Popat - Concentration of the mind





12.00 - Neil Robinson - Plant-Exclusive Fitness For The Over 50's

Neil Robinson, the first vegan professional footballer, along with his brother John (BA Hons Sports Studies and BA Hons Food, Nutrition & Health) will be talking about a vegan plant -exclusive lifestyle which can be augmented by an aerobic fitness & high-rep weight training conditioning programme for the benefit of everyone - but with an emphasis on the over 50′s.

If you love life, then give yourself the best possible chance of dying young as late in life as possible!

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1.00  Vanessa Hudson - Let's Make History for Animals - the Animal Welfare Party Countdown to the May 2014 EU Elections

On 22nd May 2014, along with our counterparts in other European countries, the UK's Animal Welfare Party will attempt to make history by returning a dedicated representative for animals to the EU Parliament for the fist time ever. AWP believes this is a crucial moment in the history of mankind and our expression of who we are and who we want to be in relation to the animals and environment around us.

They estimate they will need around 140,000 votes from Londoners in order to win a seat in the constituency of London. That's around one third of the vegetarian members of the London electorate. At VegfestUK London in October '13, AWP lauched a 'pledge to vote' function on their website, followed by an ambitious crowdfunding campaign on 1st November, World Vegan Day, aimed at raising funds to spread the word about the party as far and wide as possible.

Now, with the EU election just weeks away, will the UK and Europe take this opportunity to step up? To extend the circle of compassion to include the non-human and the less powerful? Please make time to come to this talk to find out how the campaign is progressing and what you can do to help contribute to their final push for vistory!

Animal Welfare Party

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3.00 - Jane Easton & Justin Kerswell (Viva!) -

30 Day Vegan: improve your life in just one month

Viva! have recently launched their incredibly successful and totally free 30 Day Vegan programme to help people make the switch to a healthier, happier and kinder diet. An informative and fun talk/workshop to discuss ways to go and stay vegan and how easy and rewarding it is. With Viva!’s food and cookery co-ordinator Jane Easton and Viva! campaigns manager Justin Kerswell. Sign up to go vegan for a month at


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3.00 - Corrina Gordon-Barnes - How to market your vegan business

In this talk, you'll discover a step-by-step process that has helped new (and experienced) practitioners to build a thriving, profitable business. You'll feel inspired by this heart-centred approach to marketing, that allows you to help lots of people enjoy the benefits of what you do, whilst also allowing you to earn a healthy living doing what you love.

This workshop will show you:
- How to make money as a self-employed vegan
- How to fill your classes, workshops and client roster
- How to set your prices and attract clients who love to pay

This workshop is perfect for you if you want to learn an enjoyable, effective approach to marketing and get your business off to a flying start.

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4:00 - jessica Laura (raw gaia) - how to be a vegan beauty goddess

Jessica will be exclusively revealing how you can quickly and easily get your skin to glow with vegan radiance and actually slow down the natural ageing process. She is a raw vegan skin food revolutionist who invents cutting edge, cruelty-free formulations for her 100% natural, organic, skin care brand. Jessica will be demonstrating the ideal organic skin care routine for outstanding, beautiful, noticable results. She will also be recommending her favourite, tried and tested vegan make up brands and will be sharing with you the reason why you need to exercise extreme caution around some brands that claim to be ‘cruelty-free.'

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5.00 - Andre Menache - Healthy Consumerism

We live today in a sea of chemicals and we all have around 300 industrial chemicals in our bodies that shouldn't be there. All of these chemicals were tested at some stage on animals and given marketing approval on the back of animal safety data. We now know that some of these substances are dangerous for human health. Andre Menache, director of consumer protection organisation Antidote Europe, will provide members of the public with simple self-help tips in order to avoid these chemicals now, rather than having to wait for the health authorities to warn us or for the government to amend legislation, which could take years.

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11.30 - Caroline Allen - Greens for Animal Protection: Why the European Elections Matter for Animals

The European Elections in May are crucial for anyone who cares about animal issues. Much of the legislation around animal protection is now formulated at the European level. It is vital to elect MEPs who not only care deeply about these issues but understand how to get things done at a European level.

Come and hear about the successes and many challenges that lie ahead. Greens in the European Parliament have been pivotal in much of the progress that has been made so far, they are the voice for animals in Europe with a strong record of action.

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12.00 - Yvonne Bishop-Weston - What our Children Need to Eat

Yvonne Bishop-Weston, Nutritional Therapist BSc. Dip ION mBANT, will talk about what children need in and out of their diets to help them grow healthy bodies and develop enquiring minds.

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1.00 - Dominic Dyer - Deceit, neglect and bad science. Is the badger cull policy the worst British wildlife policy to date?

Dominic will talk about the key issues and factors leading up to, during and after the cull. With a deep understanding of the issues from both sides of the fence, he will analyse scientific claims used to justify the cull, discuss statistics and findings from the cull, and explain why the cull was always doomed to fail – leaving a trail of destruction along the way: the destruction of badgers, the destruction of confidence in Defra and the government, and the destruction of local communities and community spirit, plagued by police, armed marksmen, protestors and the media.

2.00 - Juliet Gellatley - Why You Don't Need Dairy

Viva! has updated its ground breaking report, White Lies, on how dairy impacts on our health for its 20th anniversary year. Founder & Director, Juliet Gellatley's compelling talk asks: is it natural to consume milk after weaning? Indeed, is it safe to consume cows' or goats' milk at all? She looks at many health issues and new research showing why dairy is linked to cancers; childhood anaemia; diabetes; how natural growth hormones in milk affect us and what are the dangers of milk proteins and saturated fats? She exposes the way the latest studies have revealed the links of dairy with heart disease, obesity and Alzheimer's.

Importantly, she also examines the calcium myth. Do we - and especially our children - need milk for calcium? If not, where should we obtain it and how do we ensure our kids have strong bones? Juliet also reveals little known facts about the life of a dairy cow and helps us understand the motives of the enormous £6 billion dairy industry.

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3.00 - Gareth Zeal - Immune and Gut Health

Gareth will explain why gut and immune health are often one and the same, why fermented foods should feature in every ones diet, why enough sleep is essential and why we should all avoid sugar while trying to stay happy. Poor gut flora is linked with every form of arthritis, skin conditions such as eczema, and everyone favourite IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) and even autism. Learn why we all need a more varied diet and that skipping breakfast increases your risk of diabetes. Discover that although Vitamin D is the sunshine vitamin you can get it from mushrooms and really enhance your immune system.

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4.00 - Emma Fry - Vegan BnB Travel

A very steep hill, a motorbike with questionable brakes and a truck full of lettuce in rural Bolivia was amongst one of Emma's first experiences as a vegan traveler!

With a wanderlust nature, a passion for travel, a love of plant based food and a devotion to keeping tourism sustainable, Emma Fry, owner of Veganbnb Travel is dedicated to promoting Vegan and vegetarian friendly travel by sharing her years of experience working within tourism combined with knowledge of Latin American and Spain.



Twitter: @VeganbnbT

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5.00 - Aneesh Popat - Concentration of the Mind

A practical session on the science and logic of why it is important for us to find a way to harness and focus the mind to make the most of our abilities.






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