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Tony Bishop-Weston

Tony Bishop-Weston

Chef and cookbook author

Appearing on Saturday at 4pm in the Cookery Demos Room

Click here to download the event programme

As the Vegan Society celebrates 70 years of veganism Vegan chef Tony Bishop-Weston celebrates his 20th Anniversary as a vegan chef and winning Vegetarian Society Hotel of the year his first award back in 1994.

Author of a number of Vegan cookbooks, two as Tony Weston and the rest with Nutritionist Yvonne Bishop-Weston (ex Cranks Restaurants and The Food Doctor). Tony is now executive chef and consultant with Foods for Life Nutrition and Health, proud media partners of VegfestUK.

Tony's recent projects include a vegan conference for 300 people from Lush cosmetics, new recipes for Vegusto UK and Plamil Foods and a trip to Everton Football Club.

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