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The workshops take place in the Workshop space behind the entertainments hall on the ground floor.

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12          Lifewell Wellbeing Hub

1            Lifewell Wellbeing Hub

2            Lifewell Wellbeing Hub

3            Lifewell Wellbeing Hub

4            Lifewell Wellbeing Hub

5            Lifewell Wellbeing Hub



12          Louise Wallis - Pilates Flow Masterclass (Mind Body Zone)

1            Yvonne Bishop-Weston - Why we need to optimise children's diets

2            Jo May - Spoon Playing Workshop

3            Ellen Storm - Family Session: Feeding Children a Healthy Plant-Based Diet

4            TeenVGN - Fuelled by Compassion

5            Urgent Help Needed: Animal Welfare Party EU Election Campaign - Supporters Gathering



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12.00 - Louise Wallis - Pilates Flow Masterclass (Mind Body Zone)

Want to feel stretched, strengthened, mobilised and energized? This class is for you. Suitable for all levels (including beginners), the session will guide you through a series of flowing mat-based exercises, accompanied by funky, uplifting music.

"Pilates is my passion" says Louise, "As a teacher, I aim to make my classes as enjoyable as possible. When we experience pleasure it triggers the release of highly beneficial, life enriching hormones and chemicals in the brain and body. Many have regenerative, health-promoting and mood enhancing effects that are vital for maintaining a happy heart, a strong, healthy body, and a balanced, peaceful mind".

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1.00 - Yvonne Bishop-Weston - Why we need to optimise children's diets

Leading nutritionist Yvonne Bishop-Weston (BSc.Dip ION.mBANT.) will explain why we need to optimise children's diets, what they need to eat for their physical and mental development and how to practically make this part of daily life. Yvonne will also expose the typical pitfalls and manufacturers tricks to mislead you into thinking you are getting a healthy whole-food when it's really just a half-food.

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2.00 - Jo May - Spoon Playing Workshop

Jo runs Spoons Workshops in schools and for festivals, parties and events. She will provide an assortment of wooden and metal spoons, and teach a variety of rhythms and techniques. The session will be accompanied by the fantastic guitarist, Matt Sullivan. All ages welcome. No experience necessary!

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3.00 - Ellen Storm - Family Session: Feeding Children a Healthy Plant-Based Diet

Informal interactive session for adults and children to share experiences, ask questions and generally discuss the highs and lows of feeding children a healthy plant-based diet in a meat-based and junk-food culture. Facilitated by Dr Ellen Storm, a vegan paediatrician with two plant-based children. Come ready to join in, or simply sit and listen. All ages welcome.

Dr Ellen Storm is a trainee children's doctor from Liverpool with a masters degree in Public Health. She is interested in the scientific relationships between diet and disease, and blogs at and She tweets as @drellenstorm and @kidseatplants.

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4.00 - teenVGN - Fuelled by Compassion

As we step into our second year as a young organisation, we continue to be overwhelmed by the unending support from our social media followers and new friends made along the way! We're so pleased to be making an appearance at Vegfest in Brighton, Bristol and hopefully London this year!

At the talk in Brighton we hope to share with you about our plans for 2014 into 2015 and how you can be a part of it and help us reach our dreams! Come along to the talk, to hear about one of the World's Largest Social Network for Young Vegetarians and Vegans!

Twitter: @TeenVGN

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5.00 - Urgent Help Needed: Animal Welfare Party EU Election Campaign - Supporters Gathering

On 22nd May 2014, along with their counterparts in other European countries, the UK's Animal Welfare Party will attempt to make history by returning a dedicated representative for animals to the EU Parliament for the first time ever.

AWP believes this is a pivotal moment in the history of mankind, as important as any in the history of human or women's rights.

AWP estimate they will need just 140,000 votes from Londoners in order to win a seat in the constituency of London. That's around one third of the vegetarian members of the London electorate. But to date, the media has largely ignored their campaign and many people still aren't aware of them. But, wherever you live, you could be their absolutely vital link to those people that aren't and you could play a crucial role in their success on May 22nd.

Now, with the EU Parliament election just weeks away, if you support their aims and would like to see them succeed on 22nd May, please make time to come to this gathering. Find out what you can do to help spread the word and contribute to their final push for victory!

Fore more info visit:

Animal Welfare Party

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