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Yvonne Bishop-Weston



Appearing on Sunday March 30th at 12pm in the Talks and Presentations Room, and at 1pm in the Workshops Room

Click here to download the event programme

Leading UK Nutritional Therapist Yvonne Bishop-Weston BSc.Dip ION.mBANT. started her nutrition consultancy Foods for Life over 10 years ago, following key roles at The Food Doctor and Cranks Vegetarian restaurants.

Yvonne is most acclaimed for her work in fertility, pregnancy and mother and baby health but in her clinics in Harley street, South London and the New Forest she also helps people with a range of concerns including weight management, digestive issues, mood and energy enhancement, hormonal imbalances, autistic spectrum management and allergies and food intolerances.

Yvonne works holistically but scientifically, able to draw from a bank of over 100 biochemical laboratory tests, many of which can be organised from client's homes and sent to the lab for analysis, making it possible to work with Yvonne even if you are not geographically near.

Yvonne has also appeared on GMTV's LK Today, BBC One Show and ITN News.

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