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Fiona Oakes


Marathon Runner and Animal Carer

Appearing on Sunday at 12pm in the Press Lounge, and at 1pm in the Nutrition/Health talks room

Vegan all her adult life, Fiona is passionate about animals and works incredibly hard to care for all the rescues in her care on her own with her partner Martin’s help at the weekends. Whilst her Sanctuary (Tower Hill Stables Animal Sanctuary) deals with the symptoms of abuse and exploitation, Fiona has created The Fiona Oakes Foundation to strike at the root cause of what she believes is the biggest single issue facing the world in which we live – sustainability.

At the heart of this issue lays the human diet – the ramifications of which are far reaching and have a huge negative impact on the environment and human health.

Fiona is positioning herself as a role model for the mainstream – the world is littered with fad and celebrity role models with whom the public have no ability to connect as their wealth and in many cases birth right facilitate what is an unachievable lifestyle for the vast majority. Fiona has no privilege; the daughter of a striking minor and whose mother was a nurse, she has had to make her own way in this world. With a debilitating illness at 17 resulting in the loss of a knee cap and a knee replacement it is perhaps with some irony that we now find that 30 years later she holds no less than THREE Marathon World Records. This coupled with her effective live long vegan diet is absolute proof positive that the body can get all it needs from a plant based lifestyle which will need to become mainstream if we are to salvage the environment as well as bring to an end the suffering, misery and slaughter faced by billions of animals every year.


If you would like to help Fiona with the cost of caring for the rescued animals by becoming a member of the sanctuary, please get in touch. You can join from as little as £1 a month and every penny goes towards the feed bills with nothing deducted to cover expenses or admin. Fiona can be contacted by e mail at


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