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Talks - Hemp

Talks - Hemp

A number of talks and short films to be shown in the Hemp Talks Room

Located on the ground floor, next to the stalls in the Hemp Expo


Sponsored by GOOD Hemp and Yaoh

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Talks Schedule


12.00 – Alex Sparrow & William Stanwix (Hemp-Lime Construct) - Hemp in Construction

12.30 – Bringing it home: Industrial Hemp Solutions (film)

         - Building with Hemp (film)

1.00 – Bobby Pugh (the Hemp Shop / Hempiness) - The Future of Hemp

2.00 – Clark French (United Patients Alliance) - 'Cannabis is medicine' - a discussion of the medical benefits of cannabis for MS and chronic illness.

3.00 – Gail Dunsbee (Hempish) - Hemp – Nature's Greatest Gift

4.00 – Tim Barford (Yaoh) - Hemp Smoothie Demo

4.30 - Hemp Seed Benefits, The Protein-Rich Super Seed (film)

         Hemp Seed Oil and Its Beneficial Omega-3 Fatty Acids (film)

5.00 – Steve Danks (Hemp Works Charity) - Cannabis Sativa L


12.00 – Emma Parkinson (Boho Hemp) - Hemp and Sustainable Fashion 

12.30 – Alex Sparrow & William Stanwix (Hemp-Lime Construct) Hemp in Construction

1.00 – Gavin Lawson (THTC) - THTC - 15 years of Environmental activism 

1.30 - The Hemp Revolution (film)

2.00 – Free CannabisHealing Hemp Magic

3.00 – Lauren McPherson (GOOD Hemp) & Henry Braham (Braham & Murray) - Hemp as an Everyday Food

3.30 – GREEN MIRACLE: The Growing Industrial Hemp Market (film)


4.30 – Hemp Seed Benefits, The Protein-Rich Super Seed (film)

         Hemp Seed Oil and Its Beneficial Omega-3 Fatty Acids (film)

5.00– Steve Danks (Hemp Works Charity) Cannabis Sativa L


Talk Descriptions

Alex Sparrow & William Stanwix (Hemp-Lime Construct) - Hemp in Construction

In recent years hemp has increasingly been used in innovative ways within the construction industry, largely as a natural, sustainable insulation (an alternative to synthetic fibre insulation materials). 

Hemp offers many advantages over synthetic materials; it is sustainable, strong, carbon-sequestering, natural and breathable – it contributes to a healthy indoor environment, by passively regulating humidity within the home.

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Bobby Pugh (The Hemp Shop / Hempiness) - The Future of Hemp

As the world starts to pay closer attention to environmental changes & effects, Hemp growing and production is opened up across ever more countries. The future of Hemp is providing answers and solutions to many of the intractable problems – fuel, construction, health, clothing even body care, everyday needs that often cause ecological damage during and after their production. How does Hemp fit into this mix and where now for the world’s most useful plant?

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 Clark French (United Patients Alliance) - 'Cannabis is medicine' - a discussion of the medical benefits of cannabis for MS and chronic illness.

Clark French is the Director of the United Patients' Alliance, an MS patient from Brighton, Clark was diagnosed with MS in 2010, a life changing event at the age of 24. Since his diagnosis Clark has found that Cannabis is more effective than any of the prescription alternatives for treating his MS. Traveling to California and learning form the medical cannabis activists and industry professionals Clark has embarked on campaigning so that he and other patient's like him who find cannabis helps them can have legal access to medical cannabis in the United Kingdom. Clark and the United Patient's alliance have been busy lobbying and have had some significant victories most notably with Norman Baker. After meeting with the UPA Norman became the first drugs minister to call for legal medical cannabis in the UK.  

Clark will be talking about his journey as a medical cannabis patient as well as how cannabis has the potential to help many other people with chronic conditions. Clark & The United Patients Alliance believe that the therapeutic potential of cannabis needs to be recgonised by the UK Government and are optimistic that after hearing the facts about how cannabis helps peoples lives, that you will too. 

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 Gavin Lawson (THTC) - THTC - 15 years of Environmental activism 

THTC has been producing their own range of hemp and organic cotton street-wear since 1999 and have also produced over 100 ranges of eco t-shirts for bands, charities, businesses and festivals. THTC’s t-shirt designs are often inspired by music and lifestyle, but also touch on important global issues such as deforestation, global warming, over fishing, police brutality, plastic waste, recycling, fast food, war, petroleum use and globalisation.  

The talk will be discussing the importance of glamorising such issues and generating interest amongst young people to encourage them to feel involved and excited about environmental and humanitarian causes.

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 Gail DunsbeeHemp – Nature's Greatest Gift

The presentation will give the full history of Hemp, how Hemp is grown, harvested and what Hemp is used on and in. Gail will cover the features and benefits of Hemp, how the fibres are used in the building industry and to produce fabric that is three times stronger than cotton. How hemp can give you complete health benefits. The talk will clearly show that Hemp is sustainable and ethical.

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 Tim Barford (Yaoh) - Hemp Smoothie Demo

Join show director and Yaoh manager Tim Barford who has been vegan for 30 years and is a big fan of hemp and smoothies. He'll put the two together into a lively and humorous demo which involves some fantastic smoothie tasting, including their favourite smoothie recipes. This demo is informative and easily accessible, and includes vegan sources of protein and essential fatty acids.

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Steve Danks (Hemp Works Charity) - Cannabis Sativa L

This curious, endlessly intriguing and generous plant has been criminally maligned to the detriment of humanity and all life on earth. Thanks to the internet and research around the planet, this plant’s amazing properties are coming to light are heralding a global renaissance. In an age of increasing knowledge, it is now time for hemp to be reassimilated and brought back into our global infrastructures at every level. Hemp’s versatility meant that it was once part of everyday life. Now we need it now more than ever. This talk will introduce many hemp whys and hows, that will both surprise and inspire you. Where there is hemp, there is hope.

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 Emma Parkinson (Boho Hemp) - Hemp and Sustainable Fashion 

Hemp has a long and curious history. Its cultivation and use dates back thousands of years. It has had times in history when it has been met with popularity, and it has had times when its has been demonized as a plant but present day, the hemp plant and its diverse uses is slowly growing in popularity.   

Emma will focus on the use of hemp as a raw fibre in clothing. She will talk about how hemp clothing is no longer associated with just hippies but will demonstrate how with the use of urban design and quality fibres, hemp clothing can be stylish and sustainable today. She will then go on to explain why she thinks its essential that hemp fibres are used in everyday clothing and how we can go about increasing the demand,  and lowering the cost to the consumer. Through education and promotion of the use of hemp in fashion,  we can make a significant contribution to the environmental crisis and change how the fashion industry impacts on our environment. 

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 Lauren McPherson (GOOD Hemp) & Henry Braham (Braham & Murray) - Hemp as an Everyday Food

Hemp is an amazing plant and it is also one of the best natural food sources in the world. It is naturally rich in Omega 3 and fibre and one of the best sources of plant-based protein. In this talk GOOD Hemp will be explaining how hemp foods (oil, milk, seeds and protein) can be added into your everyday diet and the benefits of these. Compared to other plants such as soya and flax, hemp has significant advantages and you can be sure it is non-GMO and sustainably sourced. Not only this but it tastes delicious too!

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 Free Cannabis - Healing Hemp Magic

Free will be extoling the many virtues of the truly magical Hemp Plant as he weaves a story from its cosmic origins to where we are now, on the brink of a ‘Hemp Evolution’.

He will be explaining how ‘Hemp is a dietary essential’ and unless we are incorporating complete Hemp nutrition into our diets we are not truly expressing what it is to be human.

He will also be explaining Hemps many other uses as a source of fibre, fuel and medicine.

He will be doing this not only through his talk but also a selection of his poetry that can be read on his website

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