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Kids Cookery Classes

Kids cookery classes

Welcome to our Kids Cookery Classses, hosted by Captain James Tea Cook

Taking place on the Syndicate Wing on the ground floor

Sponsored by Moo Free Chocolates

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Captain James Tea Cook Pirate of The Carob Bean will once again be Vegducating children about how important it is to eat a rainbow everyday with at least 5 handfuls of vegetables each and every day with kitchen science and lots of Piratey fun and frollocks.


Saturday and Sunday

12.00 Captain James Tea Cook cookery workshop

12.30 magic show

1.00 Captain James Tea Cook pirate dancing & pancake tossing comp & kitchen science

2.00 Captain James Tea Cook cookery workshop

2.30 magic show

3.00 Captain James Tea Cook cookery workshop

3.30 magic show

4.00 Captain James Tea Cook cookery workshop




* Smoothie Bike

Pedal your own smoothie out of your favourite fruits and vegetables!



* Pirate Pancake Tossing Lessons and Competitions

Learn the perfect toss with Champion Tosser Capt. James Tea Cook – Make yourself a Banana & Chocolate Pancake. (supported by Plamil Chocolate, 3 Omega Dairy Free Flax Drink, Koco Coconut Milk, Banabay Bananas)



* Rainbow Wraps


Tin Can Alley, Fruit in a Bucket and Rainbow Quoits Games

Make a rainbow shape or face with vegetable coloured play dough


* Rainbow Plate Hand Prints

Help us make a rainbow of hands to remind everyone to have 5 a day


* Electric Bananas

Proving the power of fruit and veg - not raisins but enough currents to power electrical things


* Rainbow Sushi

Challenge to get 5 a day into our sushi


Capt James Tea Cook Pirate of The Carob Bean Chocolatey Balls

Healthy snacking is an important part of a stay-healthy strategy so we make a recipe for chocolate balls with nutritious calories and fats for your brain not fats for your bum (all ages).




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