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Lifewell Hub

Workshops featuring a number of high-quality holistic health experts - helping health, happiness and wellbeing reach (R)evolution!

Taking place on Saturday and Sunday between 12-5pm on the the ground floor

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12pm - David Saville - Face Your Fears, Channel Your Passions, Live Your dreams!

1pm - Gail Evans - Detoxing Your Emotions

2pm - Skip Archimedes - Supercharge Your Life

3pm - Rollo Mahon - GAIT - The Foundation To Your Wellbeing

4pm - Wim Hof - You Can Do This! How To Master Your Own Inner-Power



12pm: Richi - The Ultimate Key To Healing & Thriving

1pm: Ellie Bedford - Raw & Simple Super-drinks For The WHOLE Family

2pm: Tim van der Vliet - Open Up And Feel The Force

3pm: The Venus Project - New Values For A New World (Feat. Jacque Fresco & Roxanne Meadows)

4pm: James TrippShift Your States Of Consciousness For Health, Happiness And Success



12pm - David Saville - Face Your Fears, Channel Your Passions, Live Your dreams!

Come to this talk and discover: How to use your current circumstances to create your dreams; That motivation can be your worst enemy (and why you don't need it); What fear really is and how it is the key to your deepest desires; The one simple truth that can change everything! This is not about theory or fantasy. When the talk ends you will know how to start taking real world steps on a journey where nothing will ever be the same again!

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1pm - Gail Evans - Detoxing Your Emotions

Gail will be introducing the principles behind her renowned 21 day "DIY Body Detox" program for cleansing your body, mind and soul. The reason so many have found this program so effective is it teaches the skills to transition successfully towards wholefoods and a juicing cleanse, by incorporating delicious and balanced Raw and Cooked Vegan meals into your daily life. Gail will also reveal how this is a simple solution to helping release emotions which are effectively stored within the cells of the body.

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2pm - Skip Archimedes - Supercharge Your Life

What is life when we get down to it's fundamental essence? It's energy. We either have it or we don't and feel numb. It can be positive and constructive, or negative and destructive.

Are you someone that could benefit by learning how to tap into more energy? Physically, Mentally, Emotionally & Spiritually. If so, come and watch Skip! He'll inspire you and amaze you. Around the world they called him The Miracle Man - come and you'll see why.

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3pm - Rollo Mahon - GAIT - The Foundation To Your Wellbeing

It is said the better the foundations we set the better the home we build.  In life's rich circle it is not about one aspect that makes the whole but many things.  But when you understand the evolutionary leap to standing shaped our very own intelligence and gained us an efficiency that surpassed the animal kingdom.  This single bit of knowledge in development of our primary movement skills (walking, running & sprinting on two legs - biopedalism) hold the very knowledge to wellbeing.    

Join Rollo to learn the single most important part of being human and to set the right foundations for recovery, performance and everyday life.

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4pm - Wim Hof - You Can Do This! How To Master Your Own Inner-Power

Through his extraordinary endurance feats and the pioneering scientific study carried out on his technique, Wim has shown what the human body is capable of once you find the flow within your physical and mental state. 

Although The Iceman still finds his challenge in improving his current performances, he especially sees his new challenge in passing on his method to others to give everyone the opportunity to reach out and do more than what they thought they were capable of. 


By the right training and exercises you can make your inner nature stronger and prevent disease!

Visit Wim's official website

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12pm: Richi - The Ultimate Key To Healing & Thriving

Discover how Richi overcame a lifetime of debilitating ill health. How he baffled doctors while traversing symptoms as severe as total physical debilitation by uncovering liberating insights into the nature of wellbeing. Learn how these core insights effect all our efforts towards our health, wellbeing, lifestyle and life goals, and how we may be unknowingly sabotaging them. Share in the empowering clarity Richi gained through his extraordinary self-healing journey, and benefit from the simple yet profound scientific context he has come to appreciate which will enable all who hear this presentation to gain a deep understanding from his story. Attending this talk may transform your life forever!

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1pm: Ellie Bedford - Raw & Simple Super-drinks For The WHOLE Family

Imagine starting your day with a delicious mint chocolate elixir or a zesty blueberry smoothie knowing that it contains vitamins, minerals and herbal properties that will energise you for the day. Or relaxing at bedtime with a calming tea to help you sleep soundly and wake feeling refreshed. We will cover the basics on how to put together these amazing drinks, look over some key ingredients and ask questions in a fun and informal way, as well as experience a live demo and enjoy a taster of a family friendly chocolate elixir! *Assisted by Donna-Marie Watson of Mothering Life.

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2pm: Tim van der Vliet - Open Up And Feel The Force

Tim believes that inspiration can be found anywhere, in travelling, playing table tennis, children, the neighbours dog, and even your nagging boss or hitting the metaphorical rock bottom. If we learn to open up, we are able to break free from thought patterns that hold us back. Join his talk and find out how easy it is to have more fun and live life to the fullest. Inspired by his acclaimed book 'Spiritual Awakening (the easy way)', Tim will share 5 simple but effective steps on how to live an enlightened life – how to 'open up and feel the force'.

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3pm: The Venus Project - New Values For A New World (Feat. Jacque Fresco)

What are the values we hold as a society? How does our culture influence them and hold sway over the way we behave? Are the values we hold really beneficial or even relevant to our lives? What values would we need to consider changing in order to create a better world? Sue Everatt will explore these questions in a special presentation followed by a live video Q n A session with Jacque Fresco and Roxanne Meadows. This is a rare and exciting opportunity for a UK audience to interact directly with the pioneering founders of The Venus Project.

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4pm: James Tripp – Shift Your States Of Consciousness For Health, Happiness And Success

It is more and more being recognised that 'state of mind' is a hugely significant factor in both health (physical and emotional) and personal achievement, but what is less often recognised is that we live in a culture that chronically biases us towards states of consciousness that undermine us both mentally and physically. Drawing on his experience as a Hypnotist and Meditator, and underpinning it with powerful scientific research, James will show you how to shift your consciousness for living a better, healthier life.

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