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Here are the nominees for VegfestUK 2014 awards:


    La Suite West
    Loaf B&B
    BayTree House
    Fern Tor
    Veganbnb Travel
    Tremeifion Vegetarian Hotel
    Green Lodge


    Cocofina - coconut water
    Koko Dairy Free - coconut milk
    Coconut Collaborative - coconut yoghurt
    Booja Booja - hullabaloo ice cream
    Smooze - coconut fruit ices
    Bessant and Drury - coconut ice cream
    Coyo - coconut yoghurt
    Okobay - coconut fruit ices
    Go Max - Mahalo candy bar (vegan bounty bar)
    The Primal Kitchen - coconut & macadamia bar


    Get Fresh!
    Cook Vegetarian
    Vegan Life Magazine
    Vegetarian Living
    The Vegan
    Fresh Vegan
    Vegan Health & Fitness
    Growing Green International


    Frys - traditional burger
    VBites - chicken style pieces
    Vegusto - hotdog
    Bute Island - Vegandeli smoked chorizo
    Wheaty - doner kebab
    Dragonfly - burgers
    Grano e Vita - Muscolo di Grano strips
    Gillie Food - soy jerky
    Dee's Traditional Vegan & Gluten-Free Sausages
    GranoVita - mock duck


    Club Mate
    Equinox Kombucha
    Rebel Kitchen
    Rice Dream
    Good Hemp
    Soul Juices


    Ms Cupcake
    Goody Good Stuff
    Ananda Foods
    The Heavenly Cake Company
    Food Heaven
    The Living Food Kitchen - Raw Cashew Lemon Cheesecake
    Big Fat Vegan Bakery
    Blueberry Swirl
    Rawsome raw cakes


    Frank Bars
    Tropical Wholefoods
    Plamil Foods
    The Raw Chocolate Company
    Moo Free Chocolates


    Wills Vegan Shoes
    Eco Vegan Shoes
    Vegetarian Shoes
    The Hemp Shop
    Unite 4 the Animals


    Buddha Beauty
    Raw Gaia
    Honesty Cosmetics
    Living Naturally soapnuts
    Little Blue Hen Soap


    Alternative Stores
    Green Valley Trading Company
    Vegan Store
    Unicorn Wholefoods
    Rice Up Wholefoods


    Happy Maki
    The Sunshine Kitchen
    St Best Caribbean Caterers
    Cashew Catering
    Titbits Catering
    Buen Apetito


    John Robb
    Macka B
    Neil Robinson
    Sarah Jane Honeywell
    Andrew O'Neill
    Fiona Oakes
    Mellissa Morgan
    Dean Howell
    Patrik Baboumian
    Sara Pascoe


    Food for Friends
    Ginger Vegetarian Cafe
    Treetop Cafe
    Acorn Vegetarian Kitchen
    Mello Mello
    The Egg Cafe
    El Piano
    Bistro 1847
    Mono Cafe
    Wildebeast Cafe


    Little Miss Meat Free
    Mouthwatering Vegan
    Chocolate and Beyond
    Essential Vegan
    Vegan Recipe Hour
    Fat Gay Vegan


Voting opens on July 1st at

The awards presentation ceremony will take place at VegfestUK London 2014, on Saturday September 27th at 5pm in the Performance Area, at Olympia West (W14 8UX). Event website


VegfestUK 2013 awards results at

As always, a big shout out to everyone who has not been nominated but deserves to be, and a big shout out to all the unseen heroes behind the scenes that have helped some of our nominees so much - true stars

Our awards are about celebrating the best of the vegan lifestyle and honouring some of those who are making big efforts to help this lifestyle become accessible to everyone on the planet. They are set up in a spirit of unity and positive energy.


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2013 Nominations

Best Place to eat
• Mono 
• Giro's Vegan Café 
• Vegetarian Food Studio 
• Earth Café 
• Lancrigg 
• Ginger 
• Café Kino 
• 42Raw 
• VBites 
• Forest Green Rovers FC


Best Beauty Product
• Bohemian Chic Minerals - Eyeshadow 
• Fresh Therapies - Nail Varnish remover 
• Vegan Faces - Face Paints 
• Living Naturally - Soap Nuts soap and shampoo 
• Jason - Coco Butter Moisturiser 
• Lush - Bath Bomb 
• Mimi's Miracle - Face Polish 
• Natural Spa Supplies - Hemp Oil Soap 
• Sukin Natural Bodycare - Night Cream 
• herbfarmacy - Replenish Face Cream


Best Veggie Meat product

• Marigold - Braised Tofu 
• Granovita - Mock Duck  
• Redwood - Beef Pasty 
• Goodlife - Spicey Beanburger 
• Topas Wheaty - Doner Kebab 
• Dees - Omega Burger 
• Fry's - Pepper Steak Pie
• Granovita - Original Pate 
• Aunty Jee's - Curry 
• Dragonfly - Burger


Best Dairy-Free Product

• Provamel - Rice Coconut Drink 
• Razzle Dazzle - Ice Cream 
• Bute Island - Sheese 
• Oatly - Chocolate Oat Drink 
• Pudology - Strawberry Puds 
• Good Hemp - Hemp Milk 
• Koko Dairy Free - Coconut Drink 
• Vegusto - No-Moo Piquant Cheese 
• Bessant & Drury - Ice Cream 
• Booja Booja - Stuff in a Tub


Best Raw Product
• Raw Choc Co - Chocolate coated Mulberries 
• Nakd - Snack Bar 
• The Living Food Kitchen - Raw Blueberry Cheesecak 
• Rawsome - Raw Berry Cake 
• Raw Health - Energy Bars 
• Nosh Detox - Raw Smoothie 
• Pulsin' - Snack Bar 
• Inspiral - Raw Ice Cream 
• Raw Living - Be The Change Shamanic Chocolate Bar 
• Mr Popple - Raw Chocolate

Best Sweets and Cakes
• Moo Free - Dairy Free chocolate easter egg 
• Ms Cupcake - triple chocolate vegan cupcakes 
• Goody Good Stuff - Cola Breeze sweets
• SweetcheeksLtd - Cupcakes 
• The Heavenly Cake Co - Double Chocolate Cake
• ombar - Goji Berry Chocolate bar

• Plamil - No added Sugar Chocolate flakes

 K + M Catering - Baklava 

• Shambhu's - Lemon and Coconut Cheesecake

• Siesta - Carob bars

Best Publication 
• Vegetarian Living 
• The Vegan 
• Cook Vegetarian 
• Vegetarian Guides 
• The Vegan Passport 
• The Chip Butty Vegan 
• Outrage 
• Viva! Life 
• Ethical Consumer

Best Blogger of the year
• Vegan In Brighton 
• To Happy Vegans 
• Messy Vegetarian Cook 
• Essential Vegan 
• News for Vegans 
• Fat Gay Vegan 
• Veganoo 
• Hasta La Vegan 
• Maple Spice 
• Smokin' Tofu


Best Clothes & Fashion
• Vegetarian Shoes 
• Hempish 
• Boho Hemp 
• Beyond Skin 
• Freerangers 
• Eco Vegan Shoes 
• Neon Collective 
• Vx 
• Stella McCartney 
• Fashion - Conscience


Best Caterer
• Cashew Catering 
• Titbits 
• Spice Up Your Life
• The Hungry Gecko 
• Teatime Collective 
• Fairfoods
• Falafest
• Wild Futures 
• Veg Out 
• Something Fishy


Best Celebrity 
• Lily Cole - Model 
• Russell Brand - Comedian 
• Johnny Marr - Musician 
• Bill Clinton - Ex President 
• Alicia Silverstone - Actress 
• Moby - Musician 
• Heather Mills - Skiier 
• Jamie Kilstein - Comedian 
• Macka B - Musician 
• Andrew O'Neill - Comedian


Best City to Live in for Veggies and Vegans
• Glasgow
• Liverpool
• London
• Brighton
• Nottingham
• Birmingham
• Bristol
• Swansea
• Sheffield
• Manchester


Best Campaign Group 
• Sea Shepherd 
• Veggies 
• Viva!
• League Against Cruel Sports 
• Vegetarian Society/National Vegetarian Week 
• The Vegan Society 
• Animal Aid 
• Captive Animals Protection Society


Best individual achievement of the decade

A special award, introduced this year to celebrate VegfestUK's tenth birthday. As with any award of this kind, there are always vast amounts of people behind each nominee, and to those we salute your support for these ten individuals who have changed the face of the UK over the last decade in terms of putting the vegan lifestyle well and truly on the map. And of course there are many many more who could have been nominated, equally if not more deserving to be included. To those, again, we salute you and your efforts in helping make a decent future for generations to come. It's all about a team effort, we know that.

Karin Ridgers - Karin should get the award because not only is she Founder of VeggieVision, the internet veggie TV channel, but also runs Mad Promotions, a veggie PR company. And in between getting loads of famous veggies and vegans onto the radio, Karin gets herself on the radio countless times across the UK and is the best advert in the world for the lifestyle - super positive, bubbly, fun - awesome. Couldn't think of a better person to win.

Kerry McCarthy - vegan MP for Bristol North for nearly a decade now, Kerry has got the vegan lifestyle firmly onto the political agenda time and again, in many different guises. One day all politicians will be like Kerry. She has spearheaded so many worthwhile causes we've lost count. A top girl and well worthy of the award should she win it.

Kevin White - Kevin is a very decent fella who has built the West Midlands Vegan Festival from scratch as it enters its 6th year in 2013. Growing rapidly without losing its grass roots feel, the festival is a testament to Kevin and his team of volunteers, but it is Kevin who heads it up and takes the strain , with little or no resources but for his endless enthusiasm and skills, and therefore most worthy of the award for best vegan show for many miles around.


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