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Cookery Demos

You can find plenty of culinary tips on plant-based cuisines on the first floor.

Cookery table kindly provided by Vegusto

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12.00 - Stephanie Jeffs - Spiralize Your Life!

1.00 - Ellie Bedford - Raw-fusion Foods for Students

2.00 - Adrian G. Smith - Sundried Tomato, Sunflower Seed, Veg' Parmesan Arancini

3.00 - Barbara Fernandez - Have Your Cream and Eat It Too: How To Ditch the Dairy

4.00 - Timea Huber - Vegan Cakes and Pastries



11.00 - Sara Mittersteiner - Vegan Pasta Making Class

12.00 - Rosie Purdye - Coconut 101

1.00 - Vegan Cheese Lovers Club - Making Home-made Vegan Artisan Cheeses

2.00 - 

3.00 - Day Radley - Think Like A Chef

4.00 - Keith Gilles - Vegan sushi -style dishes with tastings and prep-to-plate stove-top one pot veganizing of a famous world dish.


Stephanie Jeffs - Spiralize Your Life!

Spiralizing is a delicious alternative to making traditional noodles and pasta with a fraction of the calories and with the added benefit of them being completely raw, vegan and gluten free. Forget courgetti and a quick veggie sauce. Get ready for more!

Interested in spiralizing? Then this demo is a must. Raw Food Chef Stephanie Jeffs will demo recipes from her book Spiralize! using her ProSpiralizerTM and share her top spiralizing tips on flavouring and preparing perfect noodles every time that look and feel like noodles rather than chopped up vegetables! Think beyond courgetti and let Stephanie share with you the many creative ways to get more fruits and veggies in to your diet. The creator of dishes such as the Noodle Burrito (where the noodles are the wrap not in the wrap! and the spiralized trifle, this demo will certainly inspire you to Spiralize your life!

Stephanie's sessions are always energetic, inspiring and lots of fun so be prepared to get involved, taste some delicious samples and get excited about giveaways and offers! Not to be missed.


Adrian G. Smith - Sundried Tomato, Sunflower Seed, Veg' Parmesan Arancini

Have you ever wondered how to make Sicilian style arancini's? Chef Adrian will create amazing and gluten free arancini (fried rice balls) filled with slow dried tomato, roasted sunflower seeds and veg' parmesan. He will also demonstrate how to make delicious aioli style sauces. Make sure to stay until the end for the tasting and recipe cards.


Day Radley - Think Like A Chef

In this demo Chef Day will show you how to create easy quick but perfectly balanced meals whilst also showing you chef cheats. She believes that anyone can think like a chef and indeed be a chef, and she will show you how.......


Ellie Bedford - Raw-fusion Foods for Students

Adding in raw foods to your diet is the perfect way to boost energy and focus, making them perfect for students and those with a demanding lifestyle. Learn how to include more raw foods into a tight budget, prepare food in a shared kitchen (or even without a kitchen!), and the must have store cupboard ingredients and equipment to make mealtimes easy. Plus see a demonstration and try tasters of some simple and delicious raw-fusion food dishes.


Rosie Purdye - Coconut 101

Detox in style with fresh hydrating coconuts in coconut 101. Learn about the amazing nutrition young coconuts can offer and discover some of the exciting and delicious raw recipes you can make using Thai young coconut meat and coconut water. From smoothies to soups, salads and slaw; come and find out just how delicious and versatile coconuts can be.


Barbara Fernandez - Have Your Cream and Eat It Too: How To Ditch the Dairy

Ditching the dairy can be quite simple, as long as you've got other options that are just as tasty. You'll learn how to make your own creams and 'cheese' at home, with simple 5-minute recipes. You don't even need fancy equipment - in fact, you don't even need an oven! Great if you're a student on a budget, a busy professional or a parent who's pressed for time. Come and see how easy it is to eat dairy-free!


Timea Huber - Vegan Cakes and Pastries

Timea Huber is the Head Pastry Chef at 1847 Brighton, the most recent opening from the 1847 vegetarian and vegan bistros, who also have sites in Bristol, Birmingham and Manchester. Timea will be sharing tips on making vegan pastries and cakes, and sharing her recipe for vegan & Gluten Free chocolate brownies with redcurrant & cranberries compote, a firm favourite on the 1847 menu.


Vegan Cheese Lovers Club - Making Home-made Vegan Artisan Cheeses

Andrea (from Vegan Cheese Lovers Club) will be demonstrating how you can make delicious vegan cheeses in around 15 minutes. Using a selection of ingredients, you'll see how you can make your own artisan, cruelty-free cheeses. There'll be cheeses to buy on Sunday as well as a pre-order option online. (


Keith Gilles - Vegan sushi -style dishes with tastings and prep-to-plate stove-top one pot veganizing of a famous world dish

Keith from will demonstrate how to make a wonderful variety of vegan sushi -style dishes with tastings for the first part of the demonstration. Attendees will learn the principles of making sushi- style food using a traditional sushi-style approach and build their knowledge of filling combinations to make irresistible tasting veganized sushi dishes.

This will be followed by a 15 minute prep-to-plate stove-top one pot veganizing of a famous world dish.


Sara Mittersteiner - Vegan Pasta Making Class

During this demo you'll learn how to make fresh Italian pasta by real Italian hands!
I'll show you how to make a basic vegan pasta dough and then shape it in tagliatelle.
My pasta dough is made without using any animal ingredients like diary or eggs, so everyone can enjoy it!

At the end of the demo, we'll enjoy together this freshly made pasta, cooked in my special homemade tomato sauce.

Pasta is comfort food, we know that, but if you make it yourself it's a completely different taste!

THAT'S AMORE!!/host/2727


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