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Gail Dunsbee



Appearing Saturday 12.00pm and Sunday 12:00pm in the Hemp Talks Room



Gail Dunsbee formed Hempish to promote and sell a range of quality products made from Hemp. was formed from a desire to respect the environment and to source the best and most varied hemp products from around the world. The hemp plant is farmed by eco-friendly methods and is claimed to be one of the most eco beneficial crops grown. 

Hemp has the longest, strongest and most durable natural fibre known to mankind which can be grown in 100days. Almost every part of the plant can be used to provide fabric, food, paper and medicinal products.

All Hempish products are ethically sourced and fair trade. They range from Clothing and Handbags to Food and Body-care. Hemp fibres are 3 time stronger than cotton, it blocks of 95% of UV rays making the clothes great to wear and the bags extremely durable and fashionable too.

In food, by taking Hemp seed or oil you and your body benefits from having EFA’s and Omega 3, 6 & 9 that your body can absorb fully. Hemp leaf tea is really tasty and refreshing, helping you relax.  

We use our hemp oil in our Hemp & Lavender Cream, which can be used anywhere on the body by anyone and will nourish and feed the skin leaving it soft and silky. Chemical free and Vegan  its truly food for the skin.

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