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Karin Nagi


Vegan Singer/Writer/Coach

Appearing on Sunday 2pm in the Lifestyle/Campaigns talks room

A prosperous musical career and several international hits have taken Karin Nagi around the world. Charity work has also taken her on several international journeys on behalf of animals and children. She has written and performed on charity songs for animal rescues, children's charities, and for peace. Her version of "Testify to Love" was presented as a gift for peace to the United Nations in 2013. Karin has studied psychology and family therapy, food and health, and promotes veganism worldwide.

Karin is the founder of Voices 4 Animals & Children based in the Netherlands, and focuses on teaching children to eat healthy and cruelty-free by educating them about what is in their food, and how their food choices affect their health, animals, and the environment. Children's intuition is very strong, and they have a natural connection with animals and the earth. They don't want to harm animals, and they don't want to kill and eat their friends. 

Karin's motto is: "Change the world, start with children."  She believes children have the right to know the truth and a right to a healthy future.

In 2016 an educational book full of pictures, drawings, recipes, nutritional information, tips, how Karin and her Chihuahua Mr. Myagi met, and how they both became vegan will be released. A fun book for children, parents, schools and teachers. A book with good educational information and a cute animal is a way to approach schools and promote veganism for kids!

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