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Karin Ridgers


Founder of VeggieVision TV

Hosting the FxEctive Factor on Saturday  

So who is Karin Ridgers?

Karin Ridgers gave up her private banking career to promote vegan living full time. A scary move that has meant she has worked flat out with ups and downs running her own business for 10 years.

Karin is the founder of VeggieVision TV - the internet TV station that addresses the fact that in the UK there are no veggie friendly TV programmes!

Showing short film clips of cookery, information, experts, celebrities, comedy and now with real people presenters as well as professional presenters in the UK Hollywood, Paris, Hawaii, Thailand and more.

Karin has recently filmed with Brian May, Virginia McKenna, Martin Clunes, Anthea Turner, Lorraine Chase, Matthew Wright, Wendy Turner Webster, Laura Hamilton, Peter Eagan, Rick Wakeman, Helen Chamberlain she has also interviewed Sean Hughes and Joanna Lumley.

She is also friends with and knows some amazing high profile vegetarians and vegans including Sarah Jane Honeywell, Victoria Eisermann and the K 9 Angels, Rick Hay and Rose Elliot.

She has worked with Heather Mills and through her work with Veganuary Karin chatted to Uri Gellar and Jasmine Harman about the benefits of being vegan and even a year or so on they are still vegan!

She is thrilled to work closely with Vegfest UK the biggest vegan festivals in Europe and as well as gained a lot of media coverage and awareness she encourages and arranges for media to attend the festivals too.

Karin was consulted to write about hidden vegetarian ingredients for the Mailonline and the feature was also written about all over Europe, the UK and even in China!

She is thrilled to have written for Leona Lewis's blog as well as for the Ocado blog and is the vegan advisor to Centre Parcs.

Karin also runs MAD-Promotions an ethical PR company that focuses on businesses that are making the world a better place.

MAD-Promotions and VeggieVision has worked with more than 20 vegan events in the UK bringing them more publicity in main stream media too.

She also works with many vegan and vegetarian people and vegan products too - constantly getting the positive veggie friendly message into mainstream media.

Karin has gained clients £100,00's over the years in free editorial coverage - resulting in profiles of clients being raised, clients gaining their own regular columns, running competitions, having products reviewed and more.

Karin helps as many Pro bono clients as possible - Her work saved a local animal sanctuary from being closed down and has helped raise more than £40,000 for animals - this meant that 2 UK based animal sanctuaries animals did not have to be put down - saving the lives of over 300 animals.

Karin has taken part in more than 100 radio interviews - all promoting how easy, fun, healthy and kinder it is to lead a vegan life.

When the Managing Editor of BBC Essex met Karin he recommended her to be a ‘Loud Woman' - a small team of women who regularly appear on Sadie Nines award winning show. One of Karin's blasts was so popular it was turned into an advert for the show and helped win 2 BBC Gold awards.

Karin was asked to be the voice for vegetarians in the UK and appeared on Sky News live addressing the horse meat scandal.

She also was asked to film for the BBC about her views on the UK's first vegetarian sweet shop.

Karin has been asked to write for other publications in connection with veggie living and has recently written for various trade publications on how and why they must cater for vegans and vegetarians.

She meets with hotel and restaurant owners and managers and with the power of VeggieVision behind her they listen to how and why to cater for vegans.

Karin has liaised with the managers of Centre Parcs, Butlins through to the best restaurants and hotels in the UK - 5 Red Star Chewton Glen and Roux at the Landau.

Still a favourite quote if from the much loved Joanna Lumley OBE said of Karin: "And well done Karin who was like a dear black clad bottle of bubbly."

Karin has also won awards from Viva! and SMTV for her work in spreading the veggie word.

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