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Keith Gilles


Appearing on Sunday 4pm in the Cookery Demos




Keith Gilles from runs vegan cooking courses for absolute beginners to advanced budding vegan chefs. aims to support people transitioning to veganism by helping them to easily source vegan products, understand the amazing culinary world that is vegan food and connect to the vegan community through regular pop-up restaurant events.

"There's a lot of pretentiousness and pomposity around cooking which I think only puts people off and makes them think it's harder than it actually is. Cooking fantastic, healthy vegan food is so easy and everyone can learn the basics in a couple of hours and the dishes would beat anything they can do on masterchef"

Using a simplistic approach which makes use of everyday easily available ingredients, Keith's culinary style creates vegan dishes with authentic world influences as well as traditional comfort food.

"Vegan food is the best food technically and in terms of taste. It is better for your health, better for your taste buds and better for the world. It is an essential life skill everyone should possess"

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