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Lena Gobine


Vegan DJ and Vegan Nutritionist

Appearing on Saturday 12pm in the Nutrition/Health talks room


Lena Gobine ANutr otherwise known as ‘The Plant Powered Nutritionist’ is a fully trained, registered and insured Vegan Nutritionist who runs her plant based diet consultancy in the City of London. She is also an Event Organiser for the London Vegan Meet Up, Vegan Food Event Blogger, Clinical Nutritionist for NaturHouse and a DJ. After many years as an obese vegetarian, Lena started a Human Nutrition Degree at the London Metropolitan University specialising in the area of obesity, diet and weight loss. During the degree she lost 25Kg! After concluding her Degree, she became a vegan and set up her own vegan nutrition consultancy called, ‘The Plant Powered Nutritionist’ where she advises clients to sustain a vegan diet effectively, refers vegans for specific diet related blood tests as well as devising bespoke weight loss and nutritional diet plans to help various conditions. Lena enjoys developing new healthy recipes and is currently writing an EBook to help Vegans lose weight and maximise health. She even has her own blog on her website discussing the many Vegan food and ethic based public events she attends every year in the UK.


Who ate all the vegan pies?

When you meet a vegan, visions of a thin, hippy looking, wheatgrass munching individual tends to appear in some minds, however; the reality is that there are many vegans who are overweight and eat poorly. There are also vegans who eat healthily but still seem to gain weight. Within the first year of veganism I gained a stone (6 Kg) and became baffled why this was happening? So I decided to research and find out why some Vegans gained weight easily whilst eating a healthy plant based diet. What I realised is that being vegan doesn’t mean you will immediately become slim, appear glowing and have bundles of energy. It seems that we have it a lot tougher compared to people who consume a high protein and low carbohydrate diet. Ultimately eating a plant based diet is extremely beneficial and thought to add years onto your life, although, some research shows concerns that it is actually how much you eat, what you eat and when you eat that are the basic reasons of weight gain. My discussion would be presenting examples of why some people gain weight as a Vegan and comparing veganism with other diets. I will debunk the myths that carbohydrate diets make you fat, concerning the process of De novo lipogenesis. I will also give tips on how to lose weight and become the stereotypical healthy looking vegan.

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