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Marion Alcock


Veganic Cohousing

Appearing on Sunday 4pm in the Mature Zone

Veganic Cohousing is forming a vegan and vegetarian cohousing community in Brighton, Sussex using existing buildings. They are inviting more people to join them to make it happen!

They are looking for energised and motivated people who are already fully committed vegans or vegetarians (no meat, chicken, fish) who embrace eco values and have a compassionate and left-wing nature and ideology. Because they need to meet frequently and get to know each other they need people living in Sussex or able to get to Brighton very often.

They welcome people of all ages, including children, and are keen to have companion and rescued animals in the community.

We need people with skills such as gardening, permaculture, building, legal, people skills, alternative medicine, computer etc and who can give some time to this project to form a close and sharing community.

We also need a good number of income earners or people with a lump sum to put in. To get involved please check out their website first and then get in touch via the site

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