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Pierre Marcar


Trustee of ECS Support

Appearing Saturday 5:00pm and Sunday 1:00pm in the Hemp Talks Room

Pierre Marcar is a Trustee of ECS Support (formerly Hemp Works Charity UK). A photographer whose world changed when his terminally ill friend used his ECS to save his own life. 

It forced Pierre to rethink everything he understood about medicine and what our society considers to be dietary essentials. Then the penny dropped, nutrition really is everything. Pierre takes hemp seed oil daily, instead of statins and no longer needs to take ibuprofen as it reduces his nerve inflammation, the source of most pain. 

Many in Pierre’s family have suffered severe pain, to him, the choice of opiates now is utterly illogical, especially once you recognise that there is a far better alternative.

Pierre uses exocannabinoids to help with a relative’s dementia that surfaced following a bad reaction to a prescribed opiate. Quality of life thankfully, has been markedly improved. It made him realise that opiate medicines are far from ideal and that it would be far wiser if our health system worked with the ECS instead. This knowledge is vitally important for all who will require end of life care - that’s 70% of us! 

There is an alternative to dying by opiates, which ultimately stops our digestive system from working, it’s not a nice way to go, at all. Unlike opiates, the alternative allows us to experience dignity in death. For many it even becomes the route back to recovery .

We all need to know about our ECS as it is the key to understanding ExoCannabinoids as essential nutrition. Or as many wise folk have concluded, nutrition is medicine.

If you value quality of life, this presentation is for you. For the terminally ill, it is essential knowledge. The ECS teaches us, in many ways, expanding our understanding of health, homeostasis and nutrition. More importantly it empowers us to live healthier, happier lives in balance with nature.

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