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Ruth Hawe

Ruth Hawe

Vegan Animal Rights Activist

Appearing on Saturday in the FxEctive Factor and again on Sunday 12:30pm at the Activists Summit


My name is Ruth Hawe and I have been a Vegan Animal Rights activist for more than 40 years. Over time having tried all approaches I decided to use my creative writing talent to convey the animals message in fictional form and so published my novel "Holy Cow". My idea being that fiction and drama have always been extremely effective means of getting transformative change into peoples psyche, heart and mind. Somehow the usual limiters to people's acceptance are offline when they read fiction.  I am thrilled with the reception of my quirky tale, and have been invited to speak about it internationally, and to present creative writing workshops extensively. I often claim that nobody has ever met me for longer than 2 minutes and escaped without hearing the "V" word. Usually I just tell them I am Vegan and hope they will invite me to elaborate, and I use loving encouragement rather than judgement or anger as these are simply counterproductive in my experience. I believe that my prime directive is to be the voice of the innocent victims of the grim human habit of eating animals and their secretions. This horrible habit and to awaken compassionate awareness in the world, and so co-create the kingdom of VEGANTOPIA.

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